The wam will be 20 in 3 year's time

20! Amazing. I’ve been visiting a bit more recently (now numbnuts is no longer involved) and noticed my “join date” was July 2005.
Amazing and frightening in equal measure.


Delighted the show looks to be on too.


You dun a good.

Some of my best mates are because of the Wam.


Was the first scalford 08 or 09?

About time you brought the fucker back.


2025 scalford

“Like the brexit festival, but worse”
Sunday Times.


Absolutely true
As is the opposite!

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I think I joined in August 2005 IIRC I was on holiday when it started.

Me too!

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I’m just an addict, I hate you cunts.


Me too :+1:

My join date was September 2005, well remember some great bake offs, one or two not so good ones as well.

Recently returned over there as I had been hanging around Duvet’s little forum so followed him back.

I think i was away for about 9 years as well.

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I was immensely gratified to find I am still banned for life when I tried to access something a few weeks ago - despite the various changes of ownershit and forum twatware.

Not partaken for many years, and don’t plan to try - there’s some decent people, but it’s mostly crayon-eating, helmet-wearing windowlickers now.


Had a look a moment ago. Glad to hear it’s under new direction.

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I’ve just been over for a look. You may be banned but they haven’t forgotten you :laughing:


It’s a bit sprawling for me - way too many subforums. There’s even a forum for discussing a forum (the “old Linn forum”, whatever that may be).

Linn had the good sense to shut their own forum down as it was getting really toxic but it looks like the wam welcomed them with open arms (and hopefully straightjackets)

At least it looks like they are trying to keep the Linn lot separate, a forum DMZ for the properly batshit window lickers.

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Yes, Pet Food Pete did some kind of deal with Linn to take over their forum. They have their own little padded cell, and none of them ever post on the rest of the forum!

We (well, Danny who is now admin) are currently trying to reduce the complexity a bit.


And I’m quite sure it had nothing to do with all their older switchmode kit chucking a Richard Dunn - blowing-up, catching fire, &c, and they won’t have anything to do with any of it…

Mind, the fanghurls will always make excuses for their shitty hifi.

it appears I joined in Jan 2011, which is all @akaYoda fault !

it means I just received my 10 years trophy, yeah

I’ve got no idea how I stumbled on the place, through some Google search I think.

My first meeting up at a bake off was a bit strange, I bought 4 cans of beer, and as I nervously got out the car I tripped causing one of the cans to split open and spraying me with beer.
Worse still was that i stunk of it as I rang the bell only for one of the parents to open the door.