These boots are made for walkin'


My last two pairs have been Alt-Bergs (just off-the-shelf ones). They’re on the heavy side, but you get strength and some durability with that. My first pair failed with cracking along a side-to-side crease over the top, and my second pair look like going the same way, and yes I did regularly treat them with the special wax they supply. I also had a bit of an issue with tightness over the top in the left one (my left foot is larger than my right and prone to oedema following an ancient broken ankle) but I was able to sort that out by loosening the lacing towards the front of the boot. If you do a lot of walking on tarmac and you wear the sole out quickly then they will re-sole the boots for a very reasonable price (£40 IIRC). But, as I say, mine failed in the leather. I guess I got 1500+ miles out of them.

Their factory shop is close to Richmond. You can pitch up, get measured and buy the boots there. You may well find the place has quite a few squaddies in from Catterick Camp. I think the soldiers might be the main customers, which is a good sign I guess.



That’s what I have, just to add to my woes, one foot is larger and wider than the other :slight_smile:

These were the best fit for me


Ooooo motorcycle boots, pity the factory is so far away.


Never tried Altbergs myself, though have heard good about them. Not cheap though.

If @A_Touch_of_Cloth is going to do a lot of beach walking then full leather may not be a good idea - leather doesn’t like salt at all. Synthetic trainers probably best here.


I’ve always found woolen socks cause more blisters than normal thin cotton / synthetic ones that don’t move about when you walk.


That would explain why my current pair haven’t lasted as well as I would have expected. Probably back to La Sportiva for me then.


Garmont. Never heard of them, but they were the most comfortable out of the Scarpa and Salomon ones I tried. Vibram soles and goretex fabric, very light by comparison.

Beach tested a couple of hours ago, prior to Cheviot on Sat.


Like the look of those. How much? Fully watertight?


Aye. £157 from Go Outdoors.



Have you tested their watertightness - I’m up to my ankles in it round here in the winter, and with two lanky mutts to walk daily, staying home ain’t an option…


I just did 5 miles along the coast and had to traverse a few babbling brooks that went over the top of the toes and they seemed to cope ok.

I still think any fabric based boot will struggle with prolonged immersion. However, I’ll be able to give you a much better waterproof update after Cheviot as it ALWAYS pisses with rain there.


Cheers :+1:


I’ve got a pair of Garmont fully randed fabric and Goretex approach boots which lasted 5 years before the sudey bit at the flex point tore.
They’re still waterproof and extremely comfy. Considering the hard life they had I think they did very well - they’re similar quality to Scarpa/Sportiva/Hanwag etc…


Must admit I was looking at the fabric mix partly because all of my boots seem to crack the leather around the big toe’s first joint, despite cleaning/oiling.


Just buy them you tightwad! 20% off at go outdoors


Ive very happily used Scarpa for years, though have been planning on trying AltBerg next time around.

As ever, try before you buy

I seem to think Cotswolds and GOOutdoors price match, so check if they have what you want


I’ll bet these wouldn’t crack!


The problem may be that the feet crack instead.

The forces required to crack the leather in that area of the boot are repeated with each and every step.

I’ve found slightly softer and more accommodating shoes a more useful way forward than seeking rigid restraint.


I think Sodders craves the rigid restraint…