These boots are made for walkin'


Though when you’re slipping and sliding about on a loose scree a more rigidly restraining bootie has its advantages.


Yeah South Holland District doesn’t major on scree slopes…



Why are you considering anything else (even if it’s someone else’s agriculture) ?



Fair point TBH - is there such a thing as a non-crippling pair of wellies suitable for a bit of walking?!


I’m told that the trick is not the wellies themselves but the choice of insoles and socks. Think ‘snug’. Even then they’re probably not good for any more than 5-10 miles.

This says there are special wellies though.



Jeezas!! You should have given a warning that link was to the Ramblers Association website.

I’ve clicked on it now and as a result will be striding through front gardens in garish clothing muttering ‘the right to roam’ and taking over tea rooms whilst ordering nothing more than water.

They hunt you down through cookies on your computer and bombard you with adverts for Worthers and toilet roll dollies and anything that smells of lavender. Harder than Saga to cleanse yourself of.



(but yeh, made I chuckle)


There most certainly is!
I usually wear wellies while walking the dogs - that’s through thick mud, up steep hillsides and off the path in brash-filled woodland so I need good ones with a decent sole that don’t flop about and twist (like Hunter Originals and their ilk do!)
Previous good brands were:
L’Aigle Parcours 2 Iso (not cheap, but good quality and very comfy) - lasted around 2.5 years (which is pretty good for the abuse they were getting)
Gumleaf neoprene (very comfy, cheaper than L’Aigle but not quite as good a sole - lasted 1.5 years but that was because I stupidly melted them while angle grinding)
Hoggs of Fife Fieldsport (comfy, good value, lasted 1.5 years, again destroyed by inappropriate tool use :eyes:
Skellerup Quattro - reasonably priced, best sole of the lot but heavy, needed a gel insole to reduce volume but then were very comfy and gripped securely - had them for a year so far and looking good.

I always go for neoprene lined because they fit better, look out for a walking last and 3/4 shank to stiffen the sole, and beware some boots are ridiculous enormous in terms of volume - Muckboots I found to be so “generously sized” that the excess creasing in the uppers split after 10 months.


Foo wellies! Fuck me, is there no end to this? What next? Shakti sandals, Schumann dunghampers?


The top end Aigle Neoprene wellies are briliiant.
These are my current boot of choice:

Le Chameau are probably superb too but even pricier.




Is oo a townie?


Gerrorrff moi laaand…


Nice one :+1:


I’ve heard good things about these.


Surprisingly waterproof. Through peat bogs and streams today. Good grip on slippy stones too.

Very pleased. His Royal Tightness should fork out and get a pair.


HRT (apt) has just been landed with a huge tax bill + fine for a late return 3 years ago, apparently . . . . . . . so eating will be a luxury for some time to come - timing for that aspect is good, cos food is currently of REMARKABLY little interest…


Sack the FD.


Just how can you not know you haven’t submitted your tax return?


Did you actually make some money by selling stuff such that you needed to pay tax?