This is home (The North)

Gents! When I travel to bake offs far and wide, most of you wonder where the hell Stockton On Tees is… Well ! I’m about to show you where you can see the area in it’s glory, plus as a bonus as well ,some stunning scenery in the Lake District…
Your mouths will open in amazement at the beauty you that awaits you…Paul (pmac) will remember these …
Open “YouTube” search for “Michael Lazenby” first one “The North:Special Edition shows
Teesside and surrounding area.
Second one “The Lake District “ 9 minutes of bliss.
You will want to go there …
Is there any where better I ask ?
The music is good too !


This is the North link
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The Lake District link
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It’s good to be proud of where you come from. :+1:

The Black Country isn’t as spectacular but I’m proud to be a Yam Yam. :grin:

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Micky, will you bloody give up, Whitby restaurants and pubs keep getting busier, some lovely beaches that where nearly empty are getting used, its hard to park in swale dale, hawse and leyburn are bloody packed. Keep it a secret you pillock.:grin:



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It’s grim up North :wink:

Not enough from Redcar.

It’s the same down sarf. The national papers keep saying where I live is beautiful & where the stars live. I wish they’d shut up, we’ve got far too many Range Rovers as it is!

Since they have built up in our village the whole area is a cess pit,avoid. Especially in the summer

Is that because the fences are too high to fling the dogshit over them?

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The astroturf isn’t always greener elsewhere :grinning:


Interesting selection. The few seconds of Rosedale are atmospheric but not exactly flattering. On a good day it can be a stunner



Devon should be avoided in summer, particularly the first week of August when we are there for holiday. The journey is a nightmare, why did they build Stonehenge next to such a busy road ?


Can I just mention that Lincolnshire is absolutely bloody awful and no-one should ever go near the place, especially the south end. Dreadful.

Yeah but look at the upside - no tourists :wink:

Silence! Imbecile!


Very strange. How the fuck does a sub station in Saltburn supply Hartlepool???

“Northern Powergrid said it had restored power remotely to 22,000 customers within 25 minutes”

Safety breakers?