This is why the UK is fucked

The conservative party in power for 12 years, with now an 80 seat majority, blames the opposition for not having a plan to tackle issues. Seems governments don’t need to govern or have any accountability.

A Conservative spokesperson said: ‘The Labour party continuously fail to put forward a credible plan to tackle the issues we face. We are doing all we can to mitigate the impact but Labour should call on union bosses to be reasonable, stay around the negotiating table and call off these damaging strikes.”

They still blame Corbyn as well. The press mostly allowed this, it’s bizarre.

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Cos it suits them

Hate to be more of a count than usual but I’d also like to hear something of a plan from Labour. I appreciate the tactics required but the appeasement of brexeteers is jarring.


Labour have shared their plans far and wide. I see no reason for people to be ignorant of them.

If there’s one thing to learn from the Tories (and Tony Blair), it’s that politics is about winning, not being right.

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…And winning entails pursuing populism, and populism plays to the piss-soaked geriatric Nazis who are the only ones who bother to vote, and also the ones who own most of the media…

And Labour are doing a horrible job of coming-up with innovative and appealing policies, and an even worse job of communicating them. Just shoddy.

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I’m sadly ignorant of their position on a vote to rejoin the EU. A clear cut costed direction on how they will turn around mental health, cost of living, unify the country etc etc. All I have learned is mere placating puffery,

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I mainly want them to get into office, and then they can sort stuff out. I don’t really care how they do it.

Read the papers that report what they are saying then,
All of this has been published, just not in the papers that want you to believe that Labour have no policies.
Although Labour are not going to give massivly detailed plans 2 years from GE

I fear the lack of clear messaging will be costing votes. Tories, who have a much bigger mouthpiece tend to get their messaging straight and punchy.

We get the government we deserve.
Cunts who vote on 3 word slogans make up the majority of the electorate


Maybe, but I’m not so sure. As soon as Labour starts explicitly that they would reverse Brexit, say, they will lose a lot of votes. Sometimes you need to stay fairly quiet, get the win and then start doing the right thing. I hope that this is their policy right now.

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Precisely, pull your finger out Starmer.

The open goals he’s had are greater than any opposition party I can recall. Has he learned nothing from Cummings? Saying ‘we can improve Brexit’ or we will improve the NHS is toothless and will not cut through the noise the Tories will doubtlessly conjure. He needs to get the media onside and master the internet.

I am sure he would love to.
Ain’t going to happen with the current owners though.
Just look at the headlines supporting Truss’s disastrous policies the day after they were announced.

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No one is going to reverse Brexit. Do you think in your wildest dreams that the EU would welcome back the self serving fascists in govermnent the elctorate sent to Brussels. The best we can hope for is access to the market with all the compromises we have to accept and no place at the table to make the rules whilst paying full EU fees. I agree with this. I am not prepared to have a Farage or any other troll tying to destroy the EU in my name.
Starmer is right to keep quiet - the right wing press only wants to destroy him.

Oh the EU will have us back alright - after-all, Germany doesn’t want to be the only one propping-up the EU’s lame-duck economies* - but you can be damned sure it’ll be on the most unfavourable terms they can manage to contrive. They’re just not smart enough to see that that would just trigger Brexit 2 instead of having us back on workable terms.



(*For the sake of argument let’s ignore that we’re fast becoming one of those ourselves…)


Since the late 70s Labour only managed to achieve Government when Blair found a way to do a deal. It doesn’t matter how good your “story” is if you don’t have the “story tellers” to tell it.

Why would they have a position on a vote to rejoin the eu? They’re trying to win an election.

They’ve shown costed plans for the NHS and social care reform.