Thomas Mayer 211 wanted

Been wanting one of these for a while since I turned down an offer on one a few years ago cos it was too expensive at the time

Fancy trying valves again so time for the search


Ps saw the one on Canuck audio but it seems to be suspended currently

Ok with the cj 350 now so lookimg for an 801a line stage from Thomas Mayer instead of the 211

Do you want TM 300b, that’s what I can offer?

pre amp or power?

Power amp. I have no TM preamp, I use Slagle thingy.

EDIT - sorry I see you want now 801A line. A good call…

I have a bunch of VT62, 10Y and 801A but haven’t built an amp yet :roll_eyes:

I did have a 26 amp and it was v nice :+1:

good luck with the search

btw you can buy most of Thomas’ designs from him as kits if you want to roll your own

How much, any idea?

I don’t know but ping him an email he normally responds pretty quickly.

Yep defo gonna do that Simon (not)

rather drive to switzerland than try to reboot my soldering skills (not that good in the early years, dreadul now)

I’m sure there are a few people around here who could put it together competently for you.

The designs are pretty well documented and most of the parts are available if you want to get one built. I know the 26 preamp I had for a bit was really quite something once I had ripped out the Sales shunt reg.

Not good? never listened to one afaik

Too much like hifi for my liking, and the bass timing was a mess. Same problem at Yoda’s place, much better after the shunt came out.

I have 4 of them, happy to ship a couple down if you want to try them? The deaf engineers over at DiyAudio think they are the dogs :roll_eyes:

If I would be after a DHT preamp on a reasonable budget, I would definitely play with Bartola 4P1L variations. I’ve heard a few and sonically like them all. A tube microphonic issue is whole lotta different bag, though none version had it properly addressed with springs, dampers etc.

The 4P1L is a bit if a nightmare especially as it is often used with direct output, the 26 was ok used with a step down output transformer, Thomas typically uses the 801A etc with a step down output transformer driving an autotransformer volume control, this way you can avoid most issues with microphonics
I have a couple if Ale’s boards to try out, but suspect I will prefer the nice double C core OTX I had made which sound v nice.

what is ‘direct output’? 4P1L i heard sounded better with coupling caps but more noisy than with OPT trafos (LL) that killed noise.

Yes capacitor output. I.e. no form of attenuation between tube and power amp, so there is no attenuation of noise and microphonics.
Using an output transformer helps in this respect and an otx into avc helps a lot in reducing the noise.
Having a low gain power amp will also help in this respect.

thanks, that’s helpful. it is interesting story with stepdown otx, i’ve recently heard an outstanding phono with it. totally silent beyond anything i’ve heard before. i’m also awaiting for a local AVC wound with a decent silver wire, i think that would address the problem in the same way as TM does, think he uses now unobtainum combination of AVC and step down made by pete tribute.

Only the very top versions, many use Lundahl otx and Intact Audio AVC.

Very pleased to say I have secured a linestage from a very nice chap in Germany - hoping to go over to fetch it in Feb

still up for a pair of 211 amps from Thomas if there happens to pop up a pair but keen to try the pre amp against my CJ Act2 - which I suspect will be up for sale soon

thanks to all who signposted me to options -much obliged:slight_smile: