Thorens TD124 mk2 + rosewood plinth + FR64s + Tenuto *REDUCED*

Up for sale is this lovely deck with lacquered rosewood plinth. All as originally sold by Chris on here.

Link to original sales thread

Tone arm cable inluded.

Arm comes with heavier counterweight only

Price is £3000 £2750 £2500 collection only from Newhaven although may be able to meet up somewhere. In SE/M25.

I also have Arche headshell

Price £250.
Buyer of TT has first dibs on the Arche and if bought together a deal can be done!


Headshell interest here.

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Price reduced

Still headshell hungry.

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You are still first on the list if it doesn’t go as one package :+1:

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I saw this in the flesh recently, it’s absolutely mint. Whoever buys it will love it.

Bump for this lovely turntable

Am travelling up to Birmingham on 14th November if that helps with logistics, and am open to offers.

Final reduction before ebay

So, speak to me about this one! I know next to nothing about these old Thorens decks. What makes idler wheel different? Better? Worse?

Can you give me the largest dimension front to back including any depth needed for cables etc.

Does it take a standard headshell? Does it come with a standard headshell?

What kind of tonearm cable does it need

It is a belt driven idler
Good write up here

36 cm front to back

Has standard platter

Plus Puresound Tenuto platter upgrade

Comes with van damme silver plated ofc phono cable .

FR64S takes any standard headshell (not included) but Arche headshell is available.

I have had severall offers for the headshell, the arm and the tenuto platter but that would just leave me with the base unit so would rather keep together.

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Is it just me or does the arm Counterweight stick out the back further than the plinth?

You are right it does by about the width of a CD case 8mm

Thanks, is a no go sadly.

I have 35cm max front to back depth. I don’t mind a little overhang at the front, but to accommodate the arm movement I’d need more than I’d be happy with here.

No probs, thanks for your interest

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Not at all, it’s a lovely think and along with the garrard 401, something I had previously considered. I guess a different arm and slightly slimmer plinthed one might work

It is a shame you are not closer as I would have been happy to bring it round for a demo and to see how it fitted in the space.
The overhang at the back would not get worse than the rest position in play.
There is 3.5cm from the front of the plinth to the front of the front feet

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It’s amazing how few forum goers tend to be Scottish :slight_smile:

Replaced with a better pic

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