Ticket prices


:+1: Time to rinse the crack pipe out by the looks of it. Good work!


Agree with Black Mountain. Would add Cowboy Junkies to my list also.


Of course you would Paul :roll_eyes:


Bowie and Jean-Michael Jarre (but probably not together).


I’d probably pay that to see Dream of the Blue Turtles era Sting. It’s a controversial choice I know, but the lineup of Kenny Kirkland, Omar Hakim, Daryl Jones and Branford Marsalis was just fucking phenomenal.

Assuming his voice isn’t fucked, James Taylor placing a tiny venue would be sensational.

Fuck, I’d probably also play that to see Metallica play live (in part due to an amazing Meyer PA system and Mick Hughes being behind the mixing console).


Grumbling old men grumble in isolation whilst doing a bit more grumbling about dead folks.


I went to see him in 1991 in Barcelona. So probably not that line up.
It was shite, In my top 3 worst gigs of all time


Best live. Rolling Stones circa 1963, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Bob Seager and The Silver Bullet Band.


I saw him about 12 years ago in Manchester. It was also shite. What I found doubly frustrating is that all the live albums he’d done up to that point had been excellent.


as for ticket prices, we have spent way more that the £125 on some gigs, and way less of course.


Nothing controversial about it at-all old boy!

I think we can all agree he’s a monumental cunt and you must have been dropped on your head a lot as a baby :+1:


Oh he’s a complete bellend and no mistake (as is Bono) and yet there something about some of the music that I really like.


furry muff :woman_cartwheeling:


I like The Soul Cages and some of the very early Police stuff, I also like some bits of U2, but matron has to take me away now, it’s that time of the day…






Agree about Neil Young. Saw him and Crazy Horse at least 10 times in the 70s and 80’s.

Forgot to add I’d give a kidney and a lung to see the original Buffalo Springfield line up




Absolutely no one. Sports event or music or play/opera. £60-70 is about max.


if they were playing in my back yard i would shut the windows and draw the curtain - better watch them on you tube from when they were good