Has anyone got a Tidal offer? I’m about to sign up. I can get the free month as standard, but wondered if anyone else could get themselves a free month or anything for introducing a friend.

Used to be three month codes on USB sticks at Pc world.

Not sure if they have any left? Some were 7 quid!


Dunno if that works, but it seems like a good wheeze.

Seems like it worked, cool

Does it play anything except Jay-Z?



Hmm, it’s annoying you can’t control it via your phone. I’ve set up a system using bubble upnp that works albeit rather inelegantly, but why isn’t it built in?

Control what?

So you can’t install it on a laptop or headless pc attached to your dac and control it from an app on your phone? That’s poor.

The music! Play on laptop, control on phone

Get Roon then you tightarse :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s taken me about two minutes to get it working with bubble upnp. I’ll check out Roon if this gets annoying, but tbh this is basic functionality that should be in the app.

Can you remote control Spotify then? I’ve never used it.

Yes, you can

Cool. I think the Tidal app generally gets a bit of criticsm for its lack of functionality. I asked my daughter to try it out and in her opinion it was not as good to use as Napster - apparently Playlists are not handled as well. And when you’re 15/16, Playlists are king.

My only gripe with Tidal is that you cannot download anything (at least with Spotify you can download playlists). It probably isn’t an issue for most people but we have a god-awful internet connection here.

It appears to have an offline mode, is that what you mean? Maybe that’s just on mobile.

Spotify has “Spotify Connect”, which means that you use the app on your phone and it simply plays on whichever device you select. This can be a laptop, Chromecast or whatever. Tidal doesn’t.

Yes it does

I can cast it to my chromecast or DAC…

And control on my phone app. Though as my streamer has it integrated I don’t need to.

You just use the cast icon on the play screen, looks like a tv

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So you can, cool. That should work with my laptop as well, will check later

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