Today I have mainly been V2.0

The old thread is full…

Missing the old thread :slightly_frowning_face:

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The separation anxiety is crushing isn’t it?

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In further construction industry news, we are being fat-shamed by skip man who parked like a skinny cunt in our gateway.

Jumping over the wall is a tad tricky with a pair of hyper JRTs who are hell-bent on getting hold of next door’s cat.


A bit of a cough and splutter involved in my lol. Thankfully, no tea involved in the equation.

And there was me thinking that one of the Mods had pressed the wrong button, in a pre-Lopwell frenzy.

is that want counts for a Jacuzzi in Liverpool? You need to get it fill with water man…

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No, it is a skip. However, I look forward to being able to enjoy lunchtime drinking as much as you clearly do.


Quiet here tonight. Is everyone on holiday or something?


Working from home…:smirk:

Then picking up children and depositing them in paddling pool.

Then pub (after extracting said children from pool).

Melting while watching middle daughter’s final night in the school musical Bye Bye Birdie. No aircon and eleventy million scousers. Oh joy…

My 8year old daughter and her friend were throwing various balls etc at each other in the pool pretending they were different kinds of bombs… “this one’s a chemical bomb!” :open_mouth:

Double boxing my Moon i-5 for sale and posting soon. Musicmaster tomorrow.

The Valvets are lovely, with preamp/power supply and 2 monoblocks there’s an enticing richness to the sound, and separation that produces a huge soundstage.

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Today I will mostly be trying to find some new web hosting (not for the forum thank fuck), as my current hosting folks are being monumental idiots and refusing to support Let’s Encrypt.

How big is your postie ? I can see some vinyl melt coming.

fitting a fence today owned by neighbour [ but they are not able to do] . unfortunately we went through their virgin cable fitting the post in the lawn … ah what fun and they can`t fix till the 11th .

fortunately they are a lovely old couple and very happy with the fence which has been flapping around for a year waiting for their family to fix it !!


Watching a vole and it’s baby run between the bank and the pond in my garden.

Fast little fella… seem to be building a nest as I saw some leaves dragged into the bank burrow.


Adjusted a pair of curtains with the sewing machine, then converted a load of stuff which runs off 5v to have USB cords on them to simplify the mess of cabling in the bedrooms etc. Best part of that is not having to sleep in a room with a constant high pitched whine coming from PSUs for the remote dock and a clock radio. Obviously, wife could never hear any of that.

Utterly fecked…