Today I have mainly been V2.0


Trying to get tickets for the baseball next year. £385 for the premium tickets! Feck off!


And, surprise, surprise, there are none available.


Suffered from seasickness until I got drunk once, no problem.


gosh , one for leprosy . the night i was in a&e for 17 hours i read an amazing biography about paul brand

Dr. Paul Wilson Brand , CBE (17 July 1914 – 8 July 2003) was a pioneer in developing tendon transfer techniques for use in the hands of those with leprosy. He was the first physician to appreciate that leprosy did not cause the rotting away of tissues, but that it was the loss of the sensation of pain which made sufferers susceptible to injury. Brand contributed extensively to the fields of hand surgery and hand therapy through his publications and lectures, and wrote popular autobiographical books about his childhood, his parents’ missionary work, and his philosophy about the valuable properties of [pain]


Been a funny old day…

Started off badly on the golf course… by getting the fucking buggy stuck…

Nearly weeping at eight perfect 5 day old springers …

Taking a deep breath through my teeth and wondering why someone would go to all the effort of wiping a joint onto old kinked lead instead of taking it straight to the meter. …

And finally… being in awe at this…

That gentle folk of the 'toir, is plumbers ingenuity right there, and why we rise above all trades. He has had to fit a new flush valve but the hole in the wood panel is too big for the new button. Not defeated he has only gone and used a downlighter as a flange and fitted the button to that. I’m still smiling now at this inventiveness.


He was still a cunt tho as the toilet was fucking leaking.


And you are a lazy cunt for using a buggy.


Had all me tools ‘n’ shit.


Thought you were only allowed 14 clubs?


I’ve forgotten how to swing a club let alone how many you need as it has been so long since I’ve managed to play.

Plan on practising over the winter and hit the comps hard come the new season.


I wouldn’t dare show this to Lou. We would end up with another two!



Picking up the new motor… :wink:


Fcuk yeah!

You might have to invest in some personal security, given the number of women who are going to be throwing themselves at you in that puppy.


I used to own a Volvo estate, so I have experience in that area…


Nice, but not exactly Astra territory.


Well, I’m making up for it now ! Just between us, it’s only the 1.4 LS, so not on the same planet as the much fabled 1.6 GLS. But I don’t have either the bank account, or the skillz necessary for such a beast.




We still need you Jimbo :grinning:


Happy birthday Jim !

You’re 1000000 in binary.



Happy Birthday Jim