Today I have mainly been V2.0


Sod that!


Love a good rough sea me, never been sick.


Remember getting off the ferry from Jersey to Weymouth

Was convinced it was going to sink so got off at Guernsey,downside was i had no money or cards,so had to get the boss to phone cash through to his bank.

Was stuck in a b&b all weekend…great days :face_vomiting:


Jan gets something similar, mostly happens when she lies down or sits up. Our doctor said it was BPPV (aka a very long term) and said to do Brandt-Daroff Exercises. Something to do with loose crystals in
the ear.

She’s a Geordie so hasn’t.


Does @A_Touch_of_Cloth do house calls in Shetland though :thinking:


Surprised to get an advent calendar. It is a Lego Star Wars thingo:

The Antipodean and our ankle biters go to Oz on Dec 12th so I have to do two per day. Here are the first two:

Meanwhile, I gave this to Jackie who has to get through two per day:

Number 1 has already been lowered


The Brexit one has just gone on sale.

There’s fuck all behind each door.


Not that you can tell as all the doors are locked.




At Hampden for the League Cup Final


Done summat similar over to the IoM.


Today was relaxing;
Sleep in and late (cooked) breakfast (no photos cos I couldn’t be arsed).
Then a day drinking excellent beer and wine and eating excellent canapes (provided by a local mobile chef) at the posh house in the village. At one point, the host asked if the wine (a Montepulciano) was OK. I said that it was nice but that I preferred a richer red. He nodded, and said he knew I was likely to find it too light, so he went into his 3000 bottle (!) cellar and brought up 3 different Rhones. We settled on a 2001 Chateauneuf. Several bottles were consumed by the host and I.
I love these people.

There could be some pissed posting and some bans this evening :+1:


There’s a strapline in there for sho!!


Let me be the first to congratulate you on quaffing the other bloke’s vino. I look forward to observing the bannage and not thinking that you are a complete cunt whatsoever this evening.


I’m sure Terry will have turned up with an appropriate gift bottle in hand.



I didn’t mean it like that…:anguished:


I never go empty handed.


these drugs are often used for other purposes , they use a lot of anti epileptic drugs for pain relief and some anti depressants like duloxetine for pain


I mainly use one drug for leprosy and one for gout. Also one for indigestion, one for osteoporosis.

I do wonder what the pharmacy think I might actually have…


You’re in Dire Straits.

It;s clearly Industrial disease.