Today I have mainly been V2.0




They say that uncertainty is the worst thing. They’re wrong…


You are probably being extradited.


They’re probably still smarting that you snuck in & out a couple of weeks ago and evaded the clutches of Madame Guillotine.


Almost certainly


As ways to leave before Brexit go, that is a bit extreme.


Under new laws in France to tackle foreign drivers (coming over here, speeding on our roads…) they now have the authority to seize and crush the offending vehicle :scream:


How old? :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

Good to know we’re contemporaries.


You don’t look a day over 62 mate.


His accomplice should be nicked also.


Aiding & Abetting a fugitive from La Justice. It’s a fair cop.


I think so. We should email the Gendarmes and give them Adam’s address. Do our bit for Europe.


Adam will be praying for No Deal & the demise of the EAW after 29/3/19


I’ll bet the French were just about to offer us a good deal, until the Hertfordshire two arrived on French soil…


I seem to remember Rick was a big fan :grinning:

Happy Birthday Jim !


If you are Pete take the bits to finish my SUT in jail.


Making domed tipped screws


Happy bidet Jim :gift:


Happy yearly recurring date Jim :slight_smile: