Today I have mainly been V2.0


It’ll be just like the Shawshank redemption, except building the governor a SUT instead of doing his tax returns…


why does Amazon keep offering me stuff like this:

they must know I have good taste?


They’ve seen you out on the streets.


Your browsing history maybe ?


do you think a man with my good taste would be searching for those abominations.


Amazon know - they watch your every move :grinning:


Yes if you are trying to match your clothes with your shoes and handbags :slightly_smiling_face:


Exhibit A ma Lord



Happy Birthday Jim


Happy Birthday @Jim

May at least half your platters be counter-rotating :grin:


Happy biirthday @Jim, I do hope you got a cake. :heart_eyes:


Hope you had a good day Jim, with plenty to eat and drink! :birthday:


Happy birthday @Jim hope you’ve had your cake and eaten it :birthday: :wine_glass:


Jaw dropping model railway layout.


Employing and old ‘knee injury’ in a vain attempt to shirk painting the skirting boards in the hall.


Needs more faffing :+1:


Happy Birthday Jim.

Perhaps come to visit work again in the New Year for a bite to eat and a drink. Thats if the place hasn’t fallen down or been taken over by the people :slight_smile:


Love to Paul :+1:


Happy Birthday Jim !still 2 hours left to enjoy​:cake::musical_score::beer::+1:


Has your watch stopped, Micky?