Today I have mainly been V2.0


You broke it by twisting it the Rong way (fuck knows how you managed that, they’re pretty strong…).

You’d be surprised what sells on the shaving forums. If it’s something of decent quality like a Simpson or whatever, someone will probably give you a few quid for it.

Most badger hair comes from China these days, where it’s farmed for food. But conditions are pretty bad, even by their standards, and synthetic knots are getting really good, so I am happy not to contribute to the cruelty.


That was me mate :joy:


hmmm yes I remember. I think I might have replaced it with something else.


Being somewhat surprised what people will pay on ebay for broken bits of my hifi… :flushed:


Decent of you to break it before delivery though…etc etc etc.



Absolutely, I must break more stuff, because it sells easier than my working stuff…:thinking:


to erase…


Awesome , you must be very proud. I just love carols especially in a place like that


I think the AA should have its own choir


I can’t even do chores never mind choirs


@Jim is a choir all on his own. With the right bench assistance he is capable of the entire frequency range.


Wind ensemble surely? Hardly a choir :smirk:


Whatever, pretty sure I’d rather listen to his arse than an abattoir choir, can you imagine?! :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:


Stronzetto as conductor?


Depends on what type of stench Sir would prefer really.


Better the stench you know. :+1:


Taking Barley to the vets, worrying and just collected him. Nasty wart that had started to bleed removed, £337.00 lighter.


Money well spent though. GWS Barley.


No insurance?

Hope he recovers quickly :+1:


I think with practice we could get to this level