Today I have mainly been V2.0


Meh - closeish :smiley:


On the contrary, I’ve been surprised that the key driver appears genuinely to be wanting to help support the development of a tool to help find a patient group that are notoriously difficult to identify before its too late.

Its estimated that each stroke episode will cost the NHS about £29,000, and patient outcomes are not great -
2 out of every 5 will die
2 others will end in up in long term care
Only 1 will return home


Yes , agree .Had some wonderful caring gp,s recently on a personal level. Did the sound for the wedding of a trainee gp too recently who is very motivated. Next time I see the chap from Bristol I will ask what happened in the end


The guy who used to live in the house I did was lecturing at a college and one of the students picked up he was having a stroke while talking. Saved his life as only about 45 and long recovery but now back at work but it’s a terrible thing and anything that reduces some of the risk factors is vital


The tool we are going to trial will hopefully increase detection rates of the undiagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation from about 2% to 8 or 9%. The key as you likely know is to find them as early as possible and treat them with NOACs as early as possible. There are c 425,000 people in the UK with AF who are currently undetected and therefore not being treated and could turn into avoidable strokes.

Current screening process is ad hoc at best and relies on pulse checks. The point is to use a range of other patient markers to target detection at those with the greatest prevalent risk, and proactively screen and diagnose them.


What’s the green thing on the right? Son #2 guessed Tamales?


Courgette innit?




at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool listening to my youngest singing at a Christmas Carols event.

She is in there somewhere :grin:


And then 7 seconds later listening again.


Being screwed over by an unscrupulous lying twat of a manager, who rang my colleague up and asked if we wanted to do some overtime, only a little bit, honest…

Turned out to be almost exactly double the amount of work he’d told us…:rage:

@htm_1968, Olan, You have a double. After my unexpectedly long stint at work today, I popped into TK Maxx in Wigan, and there was a guy who was the absolute spitting image of you, I was just about to say Hi, when he spoke to his (I assume) daughter (who looked like one of your girls, given the very brief glimpse of them, I.e longish dark hair and glasses) in a Lancs accent…

Even then I was half tempted to ring your mobile to see if it rang and you were blanking me and putting on an accent to put me off…:rofl:


TK Maxx in Wigan, you posh git!

The only one of my daughters who doesn’t wear glasses has dark hair. The other two are blonde/blind.


I said it was only a brief glimpse, they’re obviously like my kids, they come into the house and think “Oh fuck, one of dad’s weird mates is here…” so brief pleasantries and as quickly as possible disappear upstairs to make sure they are upto date with their Snapchat streaks.


I was under instructions from Claire to get something to organise my exponentially expanding collection of shaving paraphernalia…


A dustbin?


That’s what you needed after you decided to dispense with grooming faff,

I am at the beginning of my shaving journey. I am hampered from achieving full BBS nirvana at the moment by only having a nice cuddly razor, and one I don’t like/feel comfortable with, but Mike @MJ2 has promised to rectify that by passing on Guys @Gyroscope Ikon, that he doesn’t get on with it.

Any posh leftovers you have to dispose of would be gratefully received, Simon…:wink:


These work for me :grinning:


funnily enough I thought I had a Merkur Futur somewhere that I was going to offer, but I cant for the life of me find it.

Not sure anyone would want my used badger though.


When I was still working for the MoD, attached to a TA Royal Artillery regiment, I accompanied them on their 2 week annual camp on Salisbury Plain. We were stationed in an utter slum of a base called Knook Camp, which we were sharing with a regular Para battalion.

Given my civil service rank, I should have been quartered in the Officers Mess, but because the xcamp was being shared, it was full, so I bunked in with the SNCOs.

The first morning there, I went down to the ablutions block, which I soon found out was salubriously supplied with cold and cold running water. Not being brave enough to suffer a 2°c shower, I decided just to have a wash and shave.

So I set out all my stuff, expensive pre shave and canned gel, Gillette Fusion, sensitive balm, etc…

Started shaving, and a Para took up station at the next door sink. This guys torso was almost triangular, massively wide shoulders tapering to an impossibly narrow waist, via enormous pecs and an 18 pack. I knew he was a Para because of the huge tattoo of the cap badge across his chest.

I said something asinine like, “there’s no bloody hot water mate” and he just grunted, pulled out a minging Bic disposable, and dry shaved his face and entire head…

I have never felt less of a man.


Did he have a disappointingly small penis then?