Today I have mainly been V2.0


Been to Bolton to collect a couple of fixed things and take a poorly DAC in.

Mowed the grass, cleaned the backdoor mat with a pressure washer and trimmed the hedge. Oh and hoovered as youngest daughter has her new special friend around as she’s moved in for a while.

That will cramp my style with der frau’s.


At a meeting in that London, reminding myself why I got out of the place.


mounting some framed stuff on a ceiling.


Is it to cover over brown?


Ok interesting. In Lewdown, of all places! I have several amps needing fixing at the mo, but I was going to use Bradly Electronics, who’s done stuff for me before. Be interesting to know what you had done, and how happy you are with the result and cost.


nope. …ran out of wall space after reshuffling the art

ahem, brown ceilings in my house over my dead body.

I did once have a tasteful navy ceiling, but that proved too dark, and then took about 5 coats of white to get rid


Just some caps in a Quad 405-2

Used to use a bloke in Plymouth,but he retired a few years ago.


Just to remind everyone how a correctly coloured ceiling can add a pleasingly comfortable and elegant feel to the room.


Picture came out a bit dark due to no flash.


In awe of the exciting lives illustrated by this thread :unamused:


I’m loving the partial H-Block dirty protest vibe you’ve got going on there. The bucket must have been handy…:smirk:


It is a bit bare I’ll grant you. Everything is in boxes awaiting house move.


So you’re leaving that behind? I give it a week tops.


Three coats of whitewash a day for 7 days should be sufficient to see the skidmark ceiling off. :slightly_smiling_face:




I’d paint the front of your new house that colour :+1:


holy moses, you’ve probably knocked 1000s off the value with that ceiling.


I refer you to my post above, you pair of bell ends. :slight_smile:


Amy has made buns ready for Red Nose Day :heart_eyes:


Very nice, except they’re cakes.

These are buns

Ok, bring it on you southern tossers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: