Today I have mainly been V2.0


At work we had at one stuck the the roof space which no one could retrieve without dismantling the building, so they let nature takes its course, and tried to mask the smell of decomposing rat with and industrial quantity of Airwick


Picking up my amp from the menders


Deceased rat recovered with the use of a left handed Donnay Evolution II 7 iron (Graphite shaft) Who said golfist’s tech was all foo?


Which mender?



You are Jeebus and I claim my £5


Personally i’d have used a 5 iron,or possibly a 3 wood


I was leaning more towards a sand wedge given the lie. The graphite shaft certainly helped though.


I trust you had no difficulties with your stroke, or your follow-through.


That lighter weight & stiffness gave me the control I needed at the distance.

(I need to get a copy writing job for Calloway or Titleist.)


Remember it won’t count unless you remember to sign your score card.


We will have to have a whackabout at Sparkwell this summer


Thank you, Peter Alliss.


Victorian child labour FTW.


well done , we had a hamster that escaped under the floorboards when we lived in Dorset . had to set up a trap with a ladder into a bucket to catch it and thankfully it took the bait before it popped its little clogs [ or paws ]


having a day off from days of cleaning and painting … bored of it now . mind you that foam Vanish carpet cleaner seems at removing marks . yesterday had 7 confirmed viewings to look at this little place which is totally delightful with lovely views of parkland . only 1 person bothered to turn up …unbelievable .


A day in the life…


when next door but one bred crickets for his stash of lizards his wanker son let them all escape. One ended up under the floorboards of my kitchen, what fucking racket the thing made for about 6 weeks…you could hear it in every room of the house …until it surfaced under the fridge, and I promptly dispatched it with a size 9 DM


My honey coloured hamster went behind the gas fire and into the chimney breast. He came out completely black from nose to tail. Cute little critter. RIP.


Sowing seeds. 30 Tomatoes (6 types), 25 cabbages 5 types), 25 cauliflowers (5 types) and 12 sprouts (2 types).