Today I have mainly been V2.0




Sweet yes but you can have an iced bun without currants in it.


Finger Buns or iced buns have a second word in their name to help the hard of thinking who order them avoid dissatisfaction with the absence of dried fruit.



Whereas currant buns don’t?


Buns. It was those louche hippies who popularised ‘Currant Bun’. They also attempted to bring ‘Candy’ into the popular vernacular, but thankfully failed.



wanting to watch this documentary:


Taking my youngest daughter for fish and chips then to the cinema. I like being a Dad sometimes.


hangover…I blame St Albans for having some fine pubs (apart from the Rats Castle)

and I meant to be putting up shelves today


been at an agm of another wonderful community project , with about 6 or more tremendous projects involving ladies groups , english teaching , gardening and housing vulnerable adults etc . all very multicultural and very inspiring to see all this going on


Laughing at a little bit of Toast afore the rugger.


Sitting in the car in Exeter

Nice to see a greengrocers


thats quite public for a dogging site


Have a banana…



Is it safe to take an expensive car to Exeter?


I am enchanted


So how long have you been staring at that gif then? :grin:


23 mins and counting


No way I can beat banana girl, you win the internet, but…


Health and safety are going to love the two extra steps cobbled onto the bottom of the stairs. Oh, hang on …