Today I have mainly been V2.0

that’s it - done half a days work, now on leave for a day and half due to the gigtastic three days I have managed to line up…

Sold Ricoh GR camera on eBay post it, picked up the car from garage having passed it’s MOT with just £30 of additional cost. Rest of day so far has been looking at utube vids on building a shed.

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Good work.

More prep for Camper Jam this weekend at Weston Park. Looks like the organisers are scrambling to get a massive screen sorted to show the England v Sweden match on Saturday - that is going to be scorchio outside lazing about and drinking :sun_with_face::fire:

They’ve also sensibly banned BBQ’s and firepits etc so now having to think up new menu for the al fresco gluttony on Saturday.

On a training course at Wycombe Wanderers, possibly the biggest difference in view from the stadium (nice hills) and the way in (rubbish industrial estate).

Trying to work out why there is a small hum coming out of the bass driver on one channel,then realising that i don’t know what i’m doing


Grosvenor Square


and some plinky plonky jazz to nap to


oops we’ve been evacuated due to a massive gas leak in the old Yank embassy - pity sitting there in a deck chair was very relaxing

@Jim is in London?


Yes, but Grosvenor Sq is about 15 miles away. My dispersion limit is about 10…

…unless I’ve had a particularly pungent curry :wink:


knocked down a very big shed with 2 lads helping , very solidly made and nice big bees nest disturbed . fortunately no one got hurt by them . massive great workshop which was riddled with fox holes etc so sadly had to go .

Shifting heavy subwoofers about. Gone from two M&K in my main system to one smaller Velodyne. One M&K gone upstairs to the bedroom system after selling the BK.

Not just today but all week, moving house including packing up my records, 52 boxes with approx 150 albums in each, first time I’ve ever thought maybe time to pack this shit in. Getting excited by the football, getting fucking frustrated with incompetent utility companies and camping with 90 eight year olds in Epping forest.


Where have you moved to Paul?

A tent in Epping Forest?

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Wondering why this thread is Version 2.0 and the What are you listening to thread is Version 1.3

Any one would think the mods are deliberately ignoring the forum’s strict version control protocol.:thinking:

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There’s a protocol?

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There’s a max of 10k posts in a thread. Try to keep up Kev.


It is filed next to the ‘ethos’

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see the Mods have no idea about version control, :joy:

try reading my post again Jim!