Today I have mainly been V2.0


Not great for sandcastles?


Further down it’s fine.

Three youngest building sand castles right now.


Good to know - It’s not the seaside without sandcastles.


Just get stoned instead :+1:


Power washing the patio,looks a bit shit as can’t remove quite a bit.
Tempted to pour bleach on it,but might end up with white astroturf,any ideas


Depends what it is that you cant remove, we had black spot spores on ours that jetwashing didn’t shift. I bought some strong black spot patio cleaner (bio degradable) from Amazon. Apply with a hand operated sprayer left it to dry, then jet washed away, did the job very well.


Think it is leaf residue,the black stuff comes up fine,but loads of green bits that aren’t being touched


Congratulations, hope everything went well.

Our 40th anniversary is 19th August. Planning a special holiday.




Congrats Jim :champagne:


He’s not made it there yet. Plenty of time for him to get binned off…


Not all beaches down here are shingle. East of Dungeness is this gem;


Quick jaunt to the local river to cool patch down


Your river appears to have a naiad !



If only…

Back home now. Great day had. A few old friends turned up as well.


Ha,didn’t realise my daughter was in the pics.


Cornwall was strangely deserted today


Thankfully that was just a temporary measure.

Norf Kent.


Today I was at the AOS phono stage bakeoff. The sytem sounded pretty good but nothing more; I guess I’ve been spoilt by hearing what hifi can sound like with some of your systems. Dissappointed most by the number of pops and crackles on every record.


Velvet Vortex opportunity :slightly_smiling_face: