Today I have mainly been V2.0


Indeed. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard it that bad.


tape ftw. :grinning:


Couldn’t attend due to the current holiday (water park today to keep the two younger ones happy)…

They wanted my paradise…

Anything stand out?


The Paradise would have suited this system perfectly.

All of the phono stages sounded good and some very good but none made me really sit up and take notice. My favourite on the day was probably the Croft.




Just noticed a comment over at AOS that some stages didn’t work with direct drive!
I can’t see how a stage can discern what the motor type is…

Anyway, this is in danger of subverting the thread topic.


That’s my comment on AOS! DD turntables have great drive and energy as does the 907; it’s just too much of a good thing for most people. It sounded completely different to how it does in my system using the belt-driven Orb.


As long as the paradise isn’t as fussy!

I’d just skim read quickly and that was the single comment I picked up on. Because obvious vested interest is obvious.


Put in wrong place
The 907 has Naim PRAT, combined with a forward and paced deck (dd or Garrard’s in my case) it can become tiresome, it’s suits Ian’s Orb /sme.

The Paradise imo has very little of its own signature, and lets the music flow.


Spent yesterday supervising my CNC apprentice @Spider.

Many a velvet vortex was made.


We did make a few, it was fun.
Even with my background in CNC I still learned a lot yesterday.
Lots of nice little tricks of the trade.
Thanks Ed.


What was the choice of cartridge, as in my view the cartridge and phono stage synergy is so important. I know the Trilogy stage is a wonderful thing and having owned a Croft stand alone phono stage, it’s not in the same league as the Trilogy.

The choice of speakers is a bit odd for a comparison, as the Urei monitors are massively coloured. Focal speakers make the solid state stages sound bright, er no, the speakers are bloody bright.

As the owner of two SP10 Mk2 for some time, and having used a Trilogy stage with one of them, they do match, it’s the settings and the cartridge match that is important.

From the look of it a flawed comparison had taken place as the system’s used were not revealing or uncoloured or flat enough response. It doesn’t mention which Krell amp was used.


Kit used was:

SP10 MKII turntable
Phonomac AT-1010 tonearm
Ortofon Kontrapunkt b cartridge
Firebottle KIN preamp
Krell KSA50S power amp
JMlabs 926 speakers


OK, I have owned or listened to a fair bit of that.

The 926 are bright, the Krell KSA50S is a dog in the Krell world, not as good as the previous Krell amps, Krell killed the S series bloody quickly for a reason as it was getting panned. The FPB followed with a complete new design.

The real issue if the Ortofon Kontrapunkt B, I own one and it’s a marmite cart, too bright for me in any arm I have used it in. The matching is a bit odd too.

Don’t know the Firebottle KIN, I briefly owned one of the phono stages and sold it on as it was pants.

The AT 1010 arm likes old style big heavy carts, not a Kontrapunkt, total mismatch.


Today I have mainly been married for 13 years :heart_eyes:


Unlucky for her!


Well done and good luck for the next 50.


When I get home I’m expecting a lovely RX-8 with a big bow on the top sat on the drive :slight_smile:


With a decent all valve system it works brilliantly, especially on my Terminator, but I wouldn’t want it with that amp and speakers.


Where, presumably, it will stay.