Today I have mainly been V2.0


Should have taken @BobC 's advice & asked her about the morality of honey.


Will be squinting on the way home and ignoring it


Snoozing in my new hammock. Life is tough :smirk:


particularly for the hammock with a lardy Strayan lump stretching it to buggery and back…


But it does have a yellow stripe. You could lay on it and be camouflaged to the point of invisibility :+1:


By the time you’ve finished stretching the thing that’ll be a pin stripe so useless for camouflage purposes.


Have to say, I’m bored shitless sitting in this Morrissons car park


Do they wait for dark before the dogging really gets going? You’ll miss the match.


Dunno but getting some strange looks,been sitting here for 2 hours can’t pick up till 7pm


yes i have met similar vegans but given up arguing now !!



I’ve been doing a lot of research and thinking about law. It has been kinda enjoyable, if exhausting.

Work have a new person in employee relations, who has decided that I shouldn’t be paid holiday (I’m on full time long term sick leave). Despite originally thinking that of course I shouldn’t be paid holiday when I don’t actually work, having researched it in some detail I rather think that I should be, according to the specifics of my employment contract, statute and case law.

The process of researching the law and distilling the argument into the fundamental issue is really good fun. In another world I could have enjoyed being a barrister.


You’d look great in a wig


I can assure you it’s not fun.


I first met one years ago, he was doing my road traffic case. A few years of those wouldn’t be that much fun, for sure.


You wouldn’t. The problem with the legal profession is that it’s full of lawyers. They’re nearly all cunts.


The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.


I used to get a tad irritated when folks came back off sick and had accumulated lots of holiday pay but perhaps it does not apply to all


Cleaning the milk frother is a pain in the arse.


There is a moral argument to be had, but ultimately the real arbiter is the law.