Today I have mainly been V2.0


Grossing myself out by popping blood blisters inside my mouth, using sterile tattoo needles. Some entertaining hand-eye-mirror-stabbing skills, together with more than a few fails.


Not what I was expecting to see here but hey ho :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Constructing hammocks…


Not what I was expecting to see here but hey ho :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Exactly what I would expect to see here, carry on.


Wow pmac , thats dreadful news re the fluid retension , glad its been cleared and she is home . thats a a big big worry . hopefully it won`t happen again???


After getting called at late last night to a friends house who had no lighting downstairs , i am pondering why folks still have old fashioned fuses !!

today been walking up a street several times with crowded terraced houses and the amount of houses with beeping smoke alarms is quite shocking , a good many of them [ as windows are open you can hear them more ]


It will keep happening until she gets her heart fixed. Still waiting for an appointment at Glasgow.


ah thats hard going , keep us posted and heres hoping that appointment comes soon


Having hobbyist fun, by mixing up ridiculous pairing of kit, with all the pieces you’ve gathered over the time. Sonos on stillpoints mini Ultra, atop a Google home Mini, which is on two sound dead steel plates with end grain printers block.
Have photo to add, when I have a clue how to use the site on mobile. The link to picture disappears and The familiar icon isn’t there.


I’m sure she’ll be sorted soon mate :+1:


Okay mods please change my avatar tag line.

Just been on a train and met the most ridiculous fundamentalist vegan (also ‘spiritual’) who I’ve had to tell to go fuck herself.

Having never been subjected to one of these before in my life and consistently described any example as internet fiction, I now wish to resign my unofficial office as protector of these dumb fucks.

Fucking holy cliche.


Driving to Leeds bloody engine light came on at Nottingham


Ha ha ha, don’t you know it is

Obviously you need to release your inner mung bean and regain touch with your astral sprout.


Not sure whether her utter repugnance was all down to veganism or a function of narcissistic personality disorder :roll_eyes:

Apparently it’s a spiritual thing I wouldn’t understand. Which is 100% correct :joy:


its fucked


Ironic given cockwombles rarely have any self awareness.


That’ll be an issue with the flux capacitors. I’d throttle back to MACH2 for a while and it’ll probably be OK.


Saw the flux capacitors supporting jah wobble at the fleece 2015


Doubly painful as she was hot :confounded:


Wouldn’t make any difference anyway as she doesn’t like meat