Today I have mainly been V5.0

“You can have them back dad, they’re broken…”

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Can you see what it is… yet…

We’re not meant to mention him are we?

Oh well…

Mention who?

All you got to do is make it now :ok_hand:

Drop of nice weather, so out with the lathe and a bit of time to oil it up.

Mrs C was really impressed with the compact nature of the design, I could tell by the tone of her approval.


One last piece of agonizing over whether there’s enough room to actually get the machine screw in to fix it to the compression driver. Might need a bigger hole.

Preparing a presentation for an interview on Wednesday :grimacing:


‘More pleasure… in your leisure’ :laughing:

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Digging in the veg patch.

Looking back across the garden towards the park -

Attracted by the sounds of drumming -

A group of environmental activists have taken over the bandstand and making a lovely racket


Throw a curveball and rap it

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And it’ll take two days!

One day off this week; so slept in, thought about washing the car, thought again, fixed a dripping tap, drank coffee, fixed a cupboard door, went to pub for lunch, came home and sat in garden admiring the proliferation of wild flowers, drinking beer, and playing with Squeaky.
Shall watch Eurovision later, while drinking whisky.


WAY more productive than me. Not a high-bar, admittedly.

Still feel like a large bag of runny shite mind.

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I am thinking a combination piece of performance art wherein I mime my struggle to escape from a shit-covered toilet, then roll around in glitter before wrapping myself in cling film. Eh, voila!



originally for the Norwegian pavilion for design week, but the whole thing is pretty bananas.

I have no idea who fronted the money for four townhouses on Cromwell Place, refurbished them all to absolute top spec and built a further gallery that spanned all four.

Great all the same.

Then this

The new-ish photography galleries are super. Bravo Sir Elton for paying up for one of them.

Long walk this afternoon in Dulwich park. Even busier than normal because someone was shot overnight in Brockwell park so it was shut for a good chunk of the day.

Replacing a rectifier valve that stopped working.
It was a shame as I really liked all the markings on this one. :worried:

What’s gone wrong with it Kev ? Just tired ? One heater gone open-circuit ? Arcs and blows fuses ?

Just tired I thnk,
No fuses blown
Could be a heater.
I got a few ‘surge’ noises through the speaker, like the noise I get through the speaker as the valve powers up but louder and for longer.
Then no music through the speaker.
It looked like the heater wasn’t glowing as brightly as normal.
(Doesn’t effect how the other valves in the amp look as they are all directly heated with their own power supply boards)
Swapped the rectifiers over with the other mono block and the fault followed it.
Put in a new one and everything is fine, so I don’t think it caused any other problems

Could be a tiny bit of air has got into the valve, or even popped out of a bubble trapped in an internal metal weld. The getter looks OK, so it’s not a lot of air (and it would have arced if it was). A bit of air can make both heaters go dim - they can now cool conductively rather than just radiatively.

I was wondering whether a heater wire might be making poor contact inside the solder joint in one of the external pins (it would probably have to be pin 2 rather than pin 8 as pin 8 also carries the cathode and might also click and pop if its contact was poor). This occasionally happens with octal-based valves and can lead to people binning an otherwise good valve which just needs the joint desoldering, cleaning and resoldering.


Picked a stunning day for a trip to Lerwick

Slightly wonky second pic due to ferry pitching reasons


Preparing to fuck up an interview tomorrow morning :grin::flushed::scream::skull: