Today I have mainly been V5.0

Bakewell today.


Enforced over time at the football today

Wasn’t too bad all things considered


We have clear roads!

It’s been around six weeks since I last left the island so it’s going to be a big shop


Can’t remember the last time the sea was as calm as this.


Photographed from a Canberra?


Lol, would visit with that sort of crossing.

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Any time mate.

The Aberdeen/Lerwick ferry is usually (almost always) absolutely fine in Summer.

@coco was brave enough to do it in Winter!

For goodness sake, shine your boots, scruffy buggers. :grin:

Started the day feeling slightly nauseous having seen how the tabloids were covering the Met police story. Those papers are in turn racist, homophobic & misogynist and constantly rail against woke-ness yet suddenly they see fit to lay into the Met for being precisely the opposite of woke. Hypocrisy off the scale.

Anyhow a bracing dose of fresh air was needed so decided to do another stretch of the SW Coast path with Harry & the dog.

We started inland, headed West down to Talland Bay, back East along the coast path to Looe & then back up to the start point.

Talland Bay is a favourite summer spot with a lovely beach (with nice cafe) & interesting rocks to explore. It sits just East of Polperro & is the home of Richard & Judy although we’ve never actually seen them there.

The path took us below the church of St Tallan.

& I was able to stop & watch a kestrel at work for a while.

Path heading east

The newly flowering gorse was particularly luminous today

Soon St George’s island just off Looe came into view.

I was diverted off the path to take a look at the remains of an old chapel called Lammana. It was featured on Time Team back in 2008 but I don’t recall the episode & there really isn’t much to see now.

Still it did give a very good view of the island looking pretty exotic.

Need to visit in a kayak or send the drone over. I think there are 3 houses on the island but not sure if any of them are inhabited permanently.

Coming into Looe. They have had a really good music festival centred on that beach, at least before Covid anyway.

A nice bronze memorial to Nelson, the one eyed seal who frequented this coast for 25 years.

West Looe is a quirky place with plenty of quite old & small fishermen’s cottages.

The long climb up West Looe hill led eventually to Portlooe & this cross from the dark ages set into a hedge.

A good walk this, blew the cobwebs out!


I was getting worried that there would be no obligatory spaniel in water pic but you saved it until last :heart_eyes:

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Excellent. But the B&B needs to work harder on the En Suites Looe joke.

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Ah - the Boris Johnson Storage Unit, or ‘Retardis’…


Wasn’t that a fridge ?

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Wishful thinking old boy…



Freezer rather than fridge, even better.

Some poor fucker has just asked me for permission to propose marriage to Scarlett :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




Say yes, then he gets to foot all her spending!!

Except for the wedding, but I’m sure Wayne’ll be more than happy to cough for that :grinning: