Today I have mainly been

In Venice

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Did you have a Cornetto?

Just one :notes:


Is that as close as you got :unamused:

Haha no. I’m in the airport so will post some later

Nice work if you can get it :slight_smile:

Had a lovely stay in hospital there. Watching lizards, gondolas and mosquitos all day.

Lovely place. Check out the modern art museum.

Place is bloody flooded, you think they would have sorted that water out by now!

They have, in the summer they replace the water with sewage.


Still stinks then.


Where do I claim the prize :smile:

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Today I have mainly been:

Stuck in fucking traffic on the M5 and Mfucking6 :rage:

Meh, Birmingham has more canals…

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Here it is:-


finishing the lengthy three day email debate with our mad Russian prof, on the fairness of an assessment he set for our first year degree students…I win

Signing loads of stuff cos I am acting up as ten Dean of School is away

Tomorrow I will be mainly sanding,filling,caulking and painting

… but Venice is canals. Sometimes people say Birmingham/Bruges/Amsterdam is the Venice of Britain/Belgium/Holland. They aren’t. They are places with some canals. There is only one place that is the Venice of anywhere. Venice. It is in a league of its own.


I heard someone describe Bristol as the Venice of the West.
Ffs, we have a river and a harbour, hardly medieval man made islands in the adriatic is it? Fucking hipster moron cockspungle.

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Does Venice have the Aston Expressway, I think not…


Nor, sadly, does it have the body of one of the four evangelists (brazenly stolen from Alexandria) or the four horses of classical antiquity (brazenly looted from Constantinople) nor is it the home of Marco Polo or Claudio Monteverdi. Nor does it have the Doge’s Palace or the Rialto Bridge or the Murano glassworks. Nor has its descent into the sea been halted only to find that global warming is now causing the sea itself to rise. 'Part from that they’re much the same.