Today I have mainly been

Nor the Floozie in the Jacuzzi. I’m sure it’s grateful for small mercies.


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We have many KFCs and some cool graffiti.

I am a huge fan



And a Venetian who became a Bristolian and then discovered North America. Did he sail from Venice? Did he fuck, Bristol, that’s where the discovering action was at.

Perhaps it might have been better if he hadn’t discovered it and just got pissed in Bristol?


And Bristol has Del Boy’s Peckham Nelson Mandela House, shove that up yer Venetian pipe and smoke it.

My favourite

Giovanni obtained funding here for the voyage, not sure he became bristolian.

I loved Venice. I camped on the peninsula and got the boat in each day. Had to catch last boat back before dinner so cooked at campsite using ingredients bought at the market so avoided the reportedly overpriced food and accommodation. It didn’t smell when I was there. I’m slightly reluctant to go back because my experience of it that time was so perfect. I doubt I’d convince my wife to camp for one thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Very pleasant by the Tamar this morning


A mornings soil-craft, literally catapaulted up in order to get home, put a crease in me trews then tee off at high noon.

Venice? Pah.

That reminds me… How are Bobs varicose Venice doing.

I thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang yew.

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today mainly we will be at the V&A before checking in to The Exhibitionist followed by dinner with Claude at Bibendum

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Waiting in for the Aga service chap. Just eating some ham, avacado and smoked salmon.

Looks a very cool place. Take some pics.

Shouldn’t the vent at the top be extended up past the window?

Anyway, I’ve worked my arse off this week, so I shall be doing very little - maybe listening to a few tunes and supping something fizzy in the back garden :+1:

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will try to remember…

My damp proof chap just cancelled…

Need to know why my spare room floor joists have rotted!

Stop pissing in the spare room.


So far I have had two dog walks, got my hair cut, been to see my mum and bought a load of food and drink.

Now relaxing in front of the hi-fi before my lunchtime walk, - then racing, football and golf on the TV. Happy days.:smiley:

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It’s going to be a reluctant spell in the garden cuttting shit back whilst my wife sits and supervises.

Cutting the fucking grass and picking up oak tree branches.