Today I have mainly been


Take care. Your boss might be reading this.





'spose your boss will be happy he’ll be paying out less money this week…:wink:


On the train to Tiverton to see an old mate for a few days. I love train journeys.


Procrastinating my lunch break.


Fuckin’ A.


Ah ha - You can tell your boss you were doing some research…:laughing:

btw… Pies and gas engineering go well together - I should know :wink:


I have no boss ya radge . :slight_smile:


Nice…Pies, Gin and Plumber Porn.


I know - I was continuing the the joke you started earlier, you bampot…:roll_eyes:


Suspect it’s only a matter of time before your boss starts sexually-harassing you then . . .


had to look that one up - must remember it :grin:


Doing a robo video interview thingy.

That went sooooo badly - I look and sound like a toad.

And I give lots of generic waffly hand-wavy answers while saying “errrrr” a lot.

Typical software guy then I suppose.


After a weekend of sorting out the rental property (and still no fecking broadband) I come in to work to find out that big shit is happening on the project. Following a conference call chaired by the big cheese, we have now been told that 70 (out of 340 ish) will be canned today and tomorrow, with more to come over the next month.

Not a lot of work being done at the moment as we don’t know which way the project is going or who will be here to deliver it.

Still, the sun is out and, until they tell me I’m gone, I’ll sit in my chair earning £££s


In the office when I’m meant to be on holiday. I was in Saturday and Sunday but still not caught up.

Going away on Thursday for a few days to make sure I don’t come in all week.


Gardening while my new alarm is fitted, well that’s £2K gone.


Just found out that the announcement of who goes will be at 3o/c. A fair number of worried faces around the office at the moment :disappointed_relieved:


Fingers crossed you get what you want.



Indeed. All the best.


Good luck with that. Feckin’ short notice by the looks of it.