Today I have mainly been







I just discovered from the crap programme Louise is watching that this device is a real thing

An electronic bull ejeculator


To be fair I thought you were lying down with the mutt and that was ya barnet


that barbeque and wheelbarrow look great , just worried about the pikies taking it


Christ, you worry a lot !


i do !!

if i put a piece of metal out the front or nearby , its around 1-10 mins before its taken by various folks in white vans or even mercs , makes renovation very easy becuase you can get rid of so much excess metal , pipes etc in minutes without lugging it to the tip


yes on monday i have to assess a shed which is apparently rat and fox frequented , whether to pull down or repair . probably the latter as nil facility for skips etc


A gallon of diesel and a box of matches, sorted.


It’s coming down, with the help of my Sawzall and a garden brazier. Seeing as it’s a 10’x8’ it’ll be a long day methinks.

Replacing it with steel one. Actually it’s getting replaced with 2 steel ones, Claire has decided she wants a shed on the patio too, so she doesn’t have to traipse a whole 30 yards extra to the top of the garden to get her shears…


brilliant . just a thought . steel ones can get very hot , they can blow away too if not well secured and sometimes on cheaper ones the doors are not so good .


today got my first smartphone…oh my gosh now to learn to use it and had a wonderful 2 chaps fit cctv to house . the quality is amazing and very neat discrete job, moving from dinosaurhood fast !!

.now i can tell when the cowboys next door start knocking my walls down !! [ had to stop them recently ]


Big fucking ground anchors plus gripfill should do it. Heat shouldn’t be a problem in the one at the top of the garden, it’ll be mostly in shade.




sounds a good plan , i remember a colleague at work saying her metal shed had blown somewhere ! so good to plan


Breakfast of saints




St Austell?


You lot - what are you like?

It’s obviously Dalston.