Today I have mainly been


Finishing this original finish one off and packing for an early flight tomorrow morning

Stronzetto is good to go


To be fair, divine intervention is usually more likely than council action.

But then, evolution on a geological timescale is also usually quicker.


Working out how to view Google Play Movies & TV purchases in the YouTube app on my Samsung TV (which predates a native Google app).

godDAMN I’m hi-tech.

Also unemployed - all the time in the world.


Nah JW’s.


Sorting out the garden. We’ve “acquired” loads of stuff; tin buckets, BBQs, wheel barrows, colanders etc, which we’ve used as planters. We think it suits the cottage garden.


looks like Steptoe’s back yard.

A very hipster thing, you’ll be wearing your jeans short next and brewing your coffee


Bite. Your. Tongue.


Yours astroturf appears to have “gone native”.

@stu doesn’t seem to have this problem.


I likes “rustic” astroturf :+1:


do you live in the cuntry? you’ll need some cuntry shoes some rolled up jeans and a tweed jacket.

don’t forget the beard oil.


Got these down the car boot, the cat hates them


how many did you buy?

what does stronzetto make of them?


No need for beard oil. But I have tweed aplenty. Oh, and I’m pretty certain I have the cunt-r-y shoes covered :+1:


I bought all the penis clowns, stronzetto gets the fear every time I surround his kennel with them. Sometimes he cries.


they are just brilliant


Should Chief sobbing cock come on to the market I may well let go of
'Bombardier Prickle dick and the spiky Bandoleros I’ll PM you.

To be honest I’d really love General two dicks


but he is well out of my price range.


Cursing Ford for making their Transit engines out of Play-Doh.

Then rejoicing that the thing is up on blocks again as it allowed me to spend the day in the sun.


Have you got a spot of alopecia?


shaven knees, very trendy of the hipster moment


I just don’t have excessively hairy legs.

Note the colour of the aforementioned leg… that is after 7 hours in the sun and no burning. More proof that I am not ginger. Not that I need to provide any proof, because I’m not [ginge].