Toe spreaders

Yes you read that title right.

Been wearing barefoot style shoes for nearly two years now. But annoyingly my work shoes are standard toe box shape, removing the insole helped with space but it still pushes my toes up more than my barefoot style shoes.

Anyone used toe spreaders or got any experience of them?

You are weird


If it’s a significant problem see if your GP will refer you to a gait specialist. The NHS (podiatry) likes to keep people walking. My lot did a great job with my gait issues.

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Not a gait issue, just hate my feet being squished up and my feet and toes are spread out now, so don’t want them to go back to being squished.


You may have chosen the wrong career!


Just go out on patrol in flip flops

Hence the spreaders!
Don’t want to be that wanker wearing weird wanky shoes at work. The piss taking from all sides would be unbearable.


Doc Martens steel toe boots and shoes are available in extra-wide fit

Still better than Magnums!

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Sadly still would push the big toe in as wrong shape at the front, plus yellow stitching and non black sole is a no no

Now we are talking!

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Going through something similar now. Podiatrist is working on some T-bar thing for my fucked feet. Birkenstock work on the same idea apparently

Maybe have a chat with Alt-Berg?


I had a mate from Tanzania with the same problem because he’d never worn shoes. He’d always worn these things made out of tyres - I forget the name.

From memory he just bit the bullet and just forced his feet into regular shoes until they got with the programme.

This is probably not helpful.


You’re welcome.

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I use Altberg for work. The A form last does have a roomy toebox but also lifts toes a little.

Did you mince?

@dom Alt-berg will make various boots to-order with wide or extra-wide fittings: you can’t order them on the website, you need to call them and discuss what you need.

I find even standard-width A-Bs to be better than most for width, FWIW, and I do struggle for enough width in boots.