Tools you have bought/desire

Christmas present from my Dad via a Workshop Heaven voucher. After doing a dovetail course with the Wife in 2021, I can finally put it to good use (as long as I remember it all!)



I have a few Narex chisels, they’re excellent.

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If anyone needs imperial allen keys:

Hard to argue at £3.98


Or £3 19/7 in old money. :grinning:


FFX ( 5% off code: V2BcYC1P

They do decent stuff like Teng, Festool, &c.


Japanese Chisels with £100 off


Long update but I’ve gone for a CTL Mini (240v) on what seems a good deal, if all is ok with the delivery tomorrow!

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Ive been looking at one of those too, be interested to know how loud it it is.
Very tempted to replace my shop vac, even with a box around it, it is still too loud for long term use without ear defenders.

Where did you buy it from?

Here, although not used before stuck it on the credit card in case the box arrives empty…

Thanks, thats a good price.
fingers crossed

That’s the one i have, it won’t disappoint. It knocks a " henry" type vacuum and cyclone collector into a cocked hat.


How loud is it? Can you talk over it for example?

You can talk over it without shouting, but you can’t hear a radio at normal volume. It’s about the same as my Miele cylinder vac.

Cue the yellow, and his court of bourgeois

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Thanks, good to know, that is notably quieter than my current set up.

If something’s too good to be true…

Arrived box looked fine (box ok,UK model etc) but top part is broken, not in a sealed bag and dirty/dusty all round. That will be going back tomorrow then!

Ouch :disappointed: not the Festool experience you’d hope for.
Infact once you’ve got a refund maybe let them know.

This company is ok

I’m going to measure up in my garage over the weekend to see if it will fit where I want it to go.

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DM is where i bought mine from.

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I did see the D&M Tools, I’m obviously a sucker for a too-good a deal. If I don’t get anywhere with the supplier I’ll grab one from D&M.

Update, being collected by courier today for a return.

On a positive note, a Christmas present from my brother, were both fans of the channel. I bought him the small adjustable wrench last year so it’s his response back!