Tools you have bought/desire

For once, I’m going to say don’t buy Festool. The advice I got when I was looking (from someone who had a Festool one), was to buy the Mafell equivalent if you are in that sort of price point.

As is the tradition, it is now time to help you spend proper money!

I bought the Rutland one to build my shed, totally sold on the concept and would like to upgrade.

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Having a look, when buying a set, they are pretty much the same price with the equivelent items

Yeah, it’s bits of functionality that the Mafell has. From memory for example the Festool doesn’t have a scoring function

Sold the big Kefs, bought some speakers and the Mafell kit. :rofl: Go big or go home! (or all the gear and no idea, we will see)

No excuse now not to crack on with the big speaker project! I’ve even found a free metal bench frame at work which is pretty much the right size for a DIY MFT table to go with one of these



Up an running, which meant I finally Made a start on the Maple plinth for my inherited TD-160.


What are your initial thoughts, are you pleased with it?
Presume the frame you’re gluing up was cut in its entirety with the new saw? The corners look very tight.

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Yep, just straight 45 cuts. Very happy, probably more than I actually need but it’s such a lovely tool to use!


I has the need/want…

Nipped into Axminster this morning with the intention of buying a small drill bit chuck as I was driving up the M40.

Got a bit trigger happy and also bought a No7 plane.

Its their own brand one, but i cant fault it for the money. The sole is flat and the sides are square.
The chap in the shop proudly informed me the blade is made in the UK, which is good I guess.


Real indulgence, the back ordered Clifton 5 1/2 plane arrived late last week. Not had a chance to use it yet though.



Quite frivolous but thought it was better to spend the long service vouchers from work on some special tools that will last a life time rather than just any odd stuff.


Long service vouchers?
Bloody hell I remember you posting on the Wam before you went to Uni :confused:

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Coming up to 12 years at the same place!

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