Tools you have bought/desire


I’ve finally just bought a job lot of 4mm hex bits. What happens to all of these? Is it just me that always loses the 4mm ones? I have several sets of all metric sizes, and can never find a fucking 4mm one.


Memo to self- tell Mrs Slim to start hiding the 6mm hex bits instead




Could do with one of those at work


Couldn’t resist a PB Swiss ratchet screwdriver. Makes Wera feel like a cheap toy. :sob::sob::sob:


How many bits does it come with?


I so want a plasma cutter


Didn’t get bits, just the ratchet body. I like the Wera bits anyway.




Laser cutter ftw


Mr Bond


Completed that for you.


Stahlwille ring spanner set £55 (see used offers, but not reallly used, just damaged packaging). The Snap On of Germany.



If anyone needs oblique cutters, these are normally £90!


Cheers for that, just ordered a pair. Price is now up to £20 but still a great price.


Gotta be quick though. 40 minutes later and they’re £20.42 now.



I was. Got them at £14.16 :grin:


That is dynamic pricing software working right there!


So did I :slight_smile: