Tools you have bought/desire




Amazon have Mitutoyo calipers at a good price, so bought myself an early Christmas present.


Nice one. We used to use a lot of Mitutoyo calipers at work, they always lasted well and were invariably found to be accurate when they were calibrated.


Most of the measuring stuff we use at work is Mitutoyo,best made stuff we use.

I have a Moore & Wright one at home,feels a bit mickey mouse though.


Me too :grin:

Old school, no digital readout



Why not proper mitutoyo verniers they are 1/2 the price of those digital abominations
I have mitutoyo verniers


I have a decent larger set (Etalon) already. I wanted (a) a smaller set and (b) a set with a readout for convenience.


Use these ones which are very good


Could be worse. You could be getting excited about a cartridge. :grinning:


Meh, I mostly use a phone. The Ltd sits on the shelf. :rofl:


I’ll look after that for you, keep it exercised, ensure it doesn’t seize up through lack of use :+1:


Lol. Mine’s been wallowing in its box for over 2 years now :grinning:


Can I ask why people buy these moderately expensive baubles and then never use them ?


In my case, the whole system is in storage. It’s not that I don’t want to play it, I can’t.


Ah, I guess that’s because you’re still building the room around it ?


Nearly. The hifi occupies 90% of the spare bedroom on the mezzanine. I’ve just had the 3 heaters delivered for the music room, so if I can get them running and the new lighting up, I can work on it through the winter.


And all things considered that is how important it is.

Every now and again it’s just great to hear music no matter the tech

Tonight I’m enjoying the hi


It would be finished now, but the complications with Lou’s health situation means that I’ve had a lot more on my plate than I expected. I do need to make a serious effort to finish it by the spring though, even if it means working into the night.


Past 1pm?


That’s the truth of it

No matter how big or small.