Top albums of 2016 (things we lost in the fire)

Resurrecting this topic to include the best of 2016. Top 10 to follow in December.

Best of 2016 for me include -

Black Mountain ‘IV’

Thee oh sees ‘A weird exits’

Goat ‘Requiem’

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Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate

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Agnes Obel - Citizen of Glass

If you liked Aventine, you’ll like this as well maybe even more. It hasn’t knocked Love & Hate off top spot though for me.

Can’t be arsed to post up my suggestions again on a new old resurrected thread.

I shall just wait until January and post them on my brand spanky new “Best Albums of Last Year” thread.

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Moderat - III.

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Another one for Black Mountain.

I’d listened to something by Thee Oh Sees on bandcamp and quite liked them. Giving this one a shot now.

Edit: Really liking Crawl Out From The Fallout.

I’m going to try this next just because of the cover :slight_smile:

Edit: Ok, I’m loving this and think I’ll have to buy it (probably all 3).

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Doesn’t seem to be on Tidal, sadly.
Have to try Spotify in the cheapo free, advert ridden low res… via a chromecast DAC thing.

Awesome album, IMHO. Emotionally powerful. It’s been the primary soundtrack to this year, for me. Especially Reminder.

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Not heard it. Have to give it a spin.


Pretty good Nick though I do keep getting Hybrid -Disappear Here flashbacks :slight_smile:

Whaaaat? Nothing like Hybrid :flushed:

I love Hybrid, mind. Also superb.

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Thanks very much for this tip.

This one

is one of my favourite mix albums ever, but the first Moderat album didn’t move me at all. I’ve been listening to III on Spotify and really like it, so, err, thank you :thumbsup:

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Sort of Taylor Swift meets Brandi Carlile, bloody good.:+1: