Top gear


So what did you think?

Must be honest got bored after the Ferrari review…

LeBlanc leaving top gear

Fixt with a yawn :+1:




Why do they even bother with it.


Better than the shit Clarkson & Co are doing, and it is free.


No it’s not.

Anyway, it was okay, I’ll persevere for a bit with it…


Yes, me too, there’s always the occasional gem buried amongst the general dross of it all…


Quite a coup that they got to play with that Ferrari and Clarkson and Co didn’t.


Where’s The Stig, is he dead?


No its not…


Agreed - they are both equally shit.:poop:


On balance I enjoyed it. Nowhere near as good a comedy programme as the Clarkson version but at least as good, probably better, about the cars.


I liked it. But then I don’t even own a car.

I watched a couple of episodes of the Grand Tour but got very tired of the “hurr, hurr, tittehs, gayers, foreigners” thing, on and (deliberately highly publicised) off screen.

I was disappointed that they seemed to have ditched Sabine, but from reading the Beeb web site just now it looks like she’s back later in the series.


It’s much better now that Evans isn’t on it…
There’s almost a rapport going on!


Have no interest in the programme. Or the presenters or absolutely fucking anything about the ruddy thing.

So, with the above in mind, it’s a WANK from me.


So I’ll put you down as a maybe then :wink:


Since neither program has covered the Astra or raced it around for a timed lap of their track then it’s just boring wank about lesser cars.

Also I’d like to punch that simpering twat Hammond very hard in his fanny.


Abstained from clicking on anything with title for a couple of years.
No longer of interest or amusement.


I think GT does the titting about in cars thing better than anyone else and TG should give up on that kind of thing otherwise they are going to turn into TG USA and be shite.
This latest TG was infinitely better than that Evans helmed abortion last year, the presenters actually seemed to have some character and rapport, they need to build on that and drop some of the stupider antics in favour of some stuff petrol heads give a damn about.

On a side note I don’t hold with this TG / GT rivalry. As a car lover I’m really hoping that we can have 2 high production value car shows that can co exist and each bring something unique to the table. Now wheeler dealers is american and shite and 5th gear was never much cop once VBH stopped with the no bra / thin jumper / cold weather lark we need some high quality car porn.


Caught a bit of last night’s repeat. Feels like it’s still finding its feet - the presenters don’t seem to have the natural rapport that Clarkson et had, but given time that can develop.

At least the ginger bell end is gone. Couldn’t stomach him.