Top gear


It would be interesting to go back and watch that first series with Clarkson, May and Hammond and see if there was the similar level of raport etc. Not that I can be arsed to do so.


I don’t think May was even in the first series.


He wasn’t, he came in during the second series. I forget who got dumped after that first series.


To answer the question, no. The interaction was very stilted and rapport non- existent. 3rd series was where it found it’s feet.

For the time time together, I think the new TG guy’s rapport to be much more natural and shows more potential than the old team did at the same stage.


Not bad. The Alfa looks a winner. Beat the M3 all ends up.:nerd_face:


Will they get the time to build rapport? TG is being made because it sells overseas and if people stop buying it, it will get dropped. Things are a lot more brutal than they were 10 years ago. Series get cancelled quickly if they don’t get very good viewer numbers.


I’ve not seen TG I’m on my hols, I’ve test driven the Alfa, and there’s no way I’d change the M4 for it.

You’ve got to live with these things on a daily basis, and imho the Alfa is far too expensive for what it is.


It was better this time, I actually quite like the Top Gear Extra thing too, behind the scenes thingy.

I’d have the Alfa in a heart beat, and the Lambo/Audi thing.


Enjoyed the latest one their personalities are coming through now and starting to gel with each other more. I think it could actually work. They just need to mover away from the old ‘set piece abroad’ items for more like the chris harris alpha bit. More of that please. Oh and Harris is a marvelously grumpy old cunt, he’d fit right in here.


Good enjoyed the cars but the Star in the Car was far to long.


Put it on last night. And after it finished I realised I hadn’t watched a minute of it.

Just can’t seem to want to try. It may be quite good but in my head it should have just started again and been something different.
It’s like a sequel with different people playing the roles. Or a nineties Aussie soap where some of the actors appear one day with a different face and you pretend it’s never happened.


Be interesting to see what the last 2 episodes were like when I return from my hols.

Lots of mixed opinions on t’internet.


I thought the last two were quite good.


Personally i think the new series has been rather decent. Certainly better than last year’s and that shite Clarkson May Hammond thing on Prime.


Getting back on track but a long way short of the Goffey era


I enjoyed last night’s. The bit at the end in the bar, accuracy made me lol.


Now that I’ve caught up with the older episodes, I must say that I’m quite enjoying the new series. There’s quite a bit of waffle to wade through, but must say I’m enjoying the car bits and the production work is excellent!!


Overall I thinks it’s pretty good but agree with Dave that the Star in the Car section is too long. My main issue is the template is identical to the Clarkson era. Some more creative thinking is needed behind the scenes IMO.


Ffs, after all the banging on about it I have relented and watched a bit of Top Gear.

One word …hackneyed.

Switched off, as soon as Tiny Tempah walked in. There is only so much fake bonhommie a gentleman viewer can take.

I feel tainted.


Stargazing Live.

Still awkward presenting, still disappointing.

One thing tho… planet 9, but as ever no real substance and left feeling unsatisfied.

Remove planet 9 from that last sentence and a forum strapline magically appears. :slight_smile: