Top gear


Was supposed to have posted the above in 'what am I watching ’ thread. Obviously.


Fucking amateur.:weary:


I watched the week before following the positive reviews here.



You have to watch it prerecorded, so that you can FF through the waffly bits!


Even the music crushes your soul.


I actually prefer the 30 minute or so, Extra Gear program!


Interesting steering wheel in the Ford GT. Finally the Austin Allegro is recognised as an inspirational design masterpiece.


Re the fix or repair daily GT feature, I wish they had gone in to the aerodynamics more, it looked like an interesting design…

At the moment I actually think the Extra Gear program on iplayer is a better watch! I really like the presenter.


I’m sure if you send him chocolates and flowers you could be in with a chance :smirk:


I forced myself to watch it on Sunday and it’s just a pale imitation of the old TG. Everything seems so wooden and forced. I won’t be watching it again.


I think it will improve, it’s already a vast improvement over the last series and even the three musketeers took a few series to gel.


Even the rows of people stood up with sycophantic grins now looks dated and wrong.

It’s just a rehash of something gone. It needs a new broom.

Even the contrived interpersonal dynamics feel forced. They used to be fake, but you lapped it up.




I didn’t really enjoy the contrived matey-ness of Clarkson, May & Hammond. I don’t mind watching James May on his own. He’s made some decent programmes. But even pairs and especially the three of them together could be horribly wooden. They aren’t natural comedians with an understanding of comic timing so those sections of the show rarely worked. MattLe Blanc perhaps does have that skill but the other two don’t so it still seems painfully stilted when they interract with one another.


Matt LeBlanc looked a pretty fast driver taking the corkscrew in the Ford I seem to remember Clarkson having big trouble ther in A Honda NSX.
In the old Top Gear did May, Clarkson and the other one ever do a fastest lap in a crap car?


If memory serves, he was trying to match a time he’d set playing the same car / circuit on Gran Turismo, and his end conclusion was basically “I don’t have the bottle to drive the real car close enough to the edge like I can in a computer game”.


It was there with Clarkson and May I think, but then along would come Hammond like a yappy little dog and ruin it all.


This is a bit like discussions about the Wam. There was some time long ago in which it was great but you can’t quite put your finger on when. The old characters were great, and you gloss over the occasional Nazism :wink:


Clarkson is a sexist racist dinosaur making programmes for dinosaurs


I watched some of the latest episode yesterday. Just awful.