Tory psychodrama runners and riders

Rather than shit up the general politics thread with actual good posts, let’s have a rundown of the ghouls in line to inherit the Iron Throne.

Can it seriously be anyone other than Wallace? Will the ERG scupper him for his Remain position in 2016?

I remind Sir of the sort of barely animated cadavers that will make the final call. Yes, yes it can.

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Although it depends who gets through the MP stages. I suspect at least one of Sunak or Javid will be in the final 2 as a middle finger ro the remaining Borisites.

And of course the Maybot got in without needing a vote from the gammon-at-large.

If polls are to be believed,Johnson still has 95%+ of the Tory members on his side.

They might vote on who stabbed Johnson the least out of the final 2 left

Choose your thundercunt. Is “none of the above” available?

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Michael Gove 25/1, shurly shum mishtake , they left a 0 out !

Don’t forget Suella Braverman, she fucking loves this country she does :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk: :uk:


She will become the new,Gove who is just put in for comedy value

Touchy subject,

I wonder what their racist party members will make of x3 Asians in the running?


The system is that MPs whittle the candidates down to two who are then subjected to a ballot of party members. Generally speaking the party members are far to the right of the parliamentary party so I imagine we are unlikely to see either an Asian or a remainer geting the top job.

Call me a cynic but I can’t help but wonder if the devious cunts in the parliamentary party might not lever a remainer or an Asian into the final two in order to ensure that their preferred candidate is a shoe-in for the mouth breathing brexiter racist membership.


Wouldn’t surprise me if BoGo pulled a trick shot and ended up putting himself forward to be reinstated. He would still romp it if he got to final two.

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Er, no.

If it’s allowed and can’t be blocked I reckon he would.

I think he may be thinking of it and is why he wants to stay in until Oct, gives him a chance to get everyone back onside

I think a deal will be cut, leaving one candidate and no vote. The ERG candidates will get skewered and be lucky to get a cabinet seat.

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I think it’s between Truss, Sunak and Wallace.

Wallace because he’s the best for the job
Truss because she’ll be backed by the ERG (frighteningly shit)
Sunak because he’s the “big hitter” - won’t win the lead off race because they never do.

If they elect Liz Truss they’ll lose the next election.


Apparently they have 12 days for the shortlist to be decided

If they so much as open their mouths I’d hope they’d be told “Shut the fuck up ! You were the ones who ushered the lying bag o’ shite into office !”. If I had my way anyone who previously voted for him would forfeit their right to vote this time on the basis that they’ve already proven themselves grossly incompetent.


Other than wanting to last longer than May, which I think is a smokescreen, what other reason is there for staying on till October? Only reason I can think of is he still thinks he has another hand to play to try to hang onto power.

I only we could apply that logic to the entire electorate.


How the fuck does Truss go from fervent remainer,to backed by the ERG?

Amazing what a sniff of power can do