Tumble Dryers

FML I have started a Mumsnet thread :cry:

I want to get a tumble dryer.
I have never owned one before and don’t really understand the pros and cons of the different types except that it seems vented are the cheapest, condensing ones the next most expensive and heat pumps are all made by Kondo.

Option 1
I have a 600mm hole under the worksurface in the kitchen with a power point.
It is not on an external wall so vented is not an option , so condensing or heat pump only

Option 2
I have a summerhose/ timber store building in the garden that has power and lighting but no heating

As you can see the door is not full height so there is ventilation

The right hand side of the building interior is like this

I think the previous owner had an old vented dryer in there which didn’t owe her anything .
That building does get cold so not sure if putting a new machine in there is a good idea

Option 1
Pros, Indoors and convenient
Cons cost and noise and maybe I can use the space another way

Option 2
Pros cheap and I don’t care about the noise
Cons in an outbuiding and temp may drop below freezing

So I am looking for advice on two things

  1. Where would you site it?
  2. Depending on answer to Q1 what machine would you suggest?

I advocate as cheap as you can get when it comes to tumble dryers. Preferably the unvented ones with a water collection thingy. You can site them anywhere you can get mains power.


I’ve got a vented one in the garage and I just open the door when I run it.

Got this one from AO last year, cheap and does a good job…


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2 * drill and screw-in hooks + a £5 line.

Zero ongoing costs, eco smug, smells much nicer.


In the spirit of AA I suggest something different - a dehumidifier in a warm room, e. g. Bathroom

Hmmmm…home made Biltong

Seen the weather outside?

Wayyamean? If it’s raining, you can skip a rinsing cycle, even more ecological.

A) don’t get an LG without a fluff filter
B) don’t get an LG without a fluff filter

Oh, and get one with a timer setting so you can run it on off peak power for minimal Greta trolling.

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Yup. Don’t do a wash if the weather is really shitty.

My domestic planning skills are non existant.
I do a wash when the pile on the floor next to the laundry basket thing gets a bit unmanageable.
It needs to be done when it needs to be done!

I didn’t know this was still a thing, I thought all those ideas went out the window about the same time as pubs were allowed to open all day

Yep, get thee to the milk float thread

Oh dear, 800 unread posts :roll_eyes:

Another vote for a condenser with a water trap you empty every so often.
Stick it anywhere you like then.

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Miele condenser ftw :+1:

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Miele for the double my budget.
I don’t ever buy expensive white goods

Bosch condenser in the house, quiet and makes the clothes almost iron themselves, way better than our cheapo zanussi we had before

@Kevin Got a 2 year old Siemens condensing dryer you can have if you’re anywhere near or can get to High Wycombe area


SWMBO has a Beko condenser, been running for a couple of years. Quiet enough to go in the kitchen.

Towels are the one thing that take an age you dry, Drop them over rads and bung them in the dryer for thirty mins to fluff them up.