Turntable optimisation - do any dealers offer it?

I am hoping someone from the knackers yard knows of a dealer that offers turntable optimisation. I am talking about a meticulous setup by an expert using all the latest tools so every parameter is dialled in, not the half-arsed bodge job I have managed with my middle-aged eyes.

For some time I have greatly preffered CD and, before I ditch my deck, I need to give it a last chance to shine. It is a Brinkmann LaGrange with Kuzma 4Point arm and ZYX cartridge. It would probably be safer for me to drop the deck off rather than ship it so somewhere in the north would be preferable but I realise I probably won’t have much choice.

TIA for any advice.

Surely unless you get it done in your own home you will have to dismantle it to take it back?

Then you’ll have to set it up again, no?



This might be a little dancing on the grave but if it doesn’t work for you I would be interested in the tt if you do sell

Where are you located? Defo needs setting up in your own home to be of value, perhaps someone local might be willing to assist


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If your vinyl really sounds worse than CD, something is very wrong. What is your SUT, amp, speakers and phono stage?

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I think it would be ok to move once set up. The arm removes from the deck easily and can be reinstalled without needing adjustment. The cartridge can stay fitted to the arm for transport because Kuzma’s packaging has been designed for this.

Happy to let you know if I decide to move it on but if I don’t find someone to sort it for me it will probably continue to gather dust for a while longer.

This is probably not far north enough for you.

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CDP is a Playback Designs MPS5 which I had upgraded to Signature spec a couple of years ago, it really is a superb player. The speakers are active hybrid horn 4-ways and phono stage is an RCM Sensor.

The deck is operating way below its best no doubt, but whether it can better CD I am not sure.

That’s a great find thanks Cat and exactly what I was looking for. I will fire off a message tomorrow and see what they have to say. They are near Peterborough but I can wait until they have a reason to be in North Wales. I hope it doesn’t cost a grand though :money_mouth_face:

Are you still in Llandudno/Conwy area ?

Your location may help others to offer referrals or assistance.

Yes, I am Terry. It is an audio desert around here as you would expect.

Lovely part of the world but I get your point Simon.

It may just help others with more local knowledge.

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Acoustica in Chester might venture out, or Doug Brady from a bit further up the M56?


Flog it and buy a Rega P10, no more pesky setup problems.


I have sent off an inquiry to Analogue Seduction so await their reply. Judging from some of the decks they sell mine will be a piece of piss to setup. Thanks for the suggestion of Acoustica MrKettle, I will drop in and have chat with them soon.

Could it just be that your ears prefer the sound of cd?

Just have a bake off
JB could probably help out :grinning:


It could be Stu but before I dump the lot I need to make sure of what I am hearing.

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The other suggestion I’d make would be Acton Gate Audio in Wrexham - might be a smidge closer too depending on your choice of route.


It’s a long way, but Kevin at Definitive Audio is now UK distributor for Kuzma and should be able to get the best out of the arm.
Which 4Point is it?
I would offer to help, but when I set up @keith1962 triplanar on the Voyd he let me know he tweaked it the following day and it sounded a lot better :rofl: