Turntable sound issue

Ok. So I reassembled my Gyorbe last week. When playing vinyl the sound Is sometimes louder in some sections of the record than others. Plus sometimes the sound seems more “full range”. I previously set up the cart using the Clearaudio metal protractor (similar to Dr Feikert).

I don’t think it is the Phono stage or pre amp. I think it’s probably the arm or cart. I don’t think it’s the tonearm cable as the fading seems to be related to where the needle is on the record.

Any ideas?

Cables. It’s always cables. HTHs :+1:

Definitely cables. Try longer ones, really long ones. That should help even out the sound :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either try rebooting, or perhaps a silver fuse.
Gold if you can afford it.

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Fuck you all.


First thing I would do is disconnect/reconnect everything. And put the kettle on.

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The other solution, given the clock face movement discrepancies, is to change time zones.

Gravity and other strange powers may be conflicting your centrifugal consistency?

Cartridge bolts done up enough?

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It’ll be the V_*A. It is always the V_*A. Don’t tell @browellm though



Don’t @ him either I suppose.

Oh well…


You’ve @ ted him so much lately, he’s prolly got you on ignore (if he’s got any sense :grin:)


Hope so.

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Dirty stylus?

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That’s a bit unnecessary :unamused:


I’d check the stylus and work backwards

Just to eliminate it, check the tracking force across the range of motion of the arm?

If all else fails, try prayer.

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Try a different cart if you have one

It’s some kind of divine fitness motivator. It demands you to jump up and turn the volume up in the quiet moments and just as you sit back down go all loud again in a never ending cosmic loop. It’s kind of like purgatory by volume promising and denying pleasure with every revolution - there will be no rest - This is God’s will and probably down to impure thoughts. (I assume this due to your nom de plume)

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Is the quiet and loudness consistent if you replay the same record? Are these the same elapsed time points on a different record?