Turntable suggestions

Go direct potato based on:

This being the case, I’m struggling a tad with where AT fit in to the brief?

Hello struggler

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I think he’s already booked the demo. This was the first thing that came up when I opened Insta just now.

With unlimited + Dealer, everything is plug and play.

Yes mate, the brief quickly changed as I said down the thread.

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I know what my money is on :smiley:

Sod it,may as well throw this in


I’ll be interested to see what they end up with myself. They’re getting amp and speakers too now.

All in! Interesting.


JBL-TT350-3. £999

What’s her view on counter rotating platters?


Beautiful…well that’s 90% ruled out, including most of the above.



SME 60 in honeycomb pink with pink arm

Would they not travel as far as Whittlebury?
I could get them tickets for a nice price.

Step 1: let them take you on a short trip to Munich to see the sort of thing that is available.

compact & practical (although no auto arm lift)

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There’s a very nice classic tt for sale on this very forum!

    • a drink in it for you mate :wink:


Well that’s immediately going better than when a friend recently asked what TT she should buy for hubby’s birthday - then bought something before I’d typed a reply - then sent it back because the thick twat hadn’t realised you need amp & speakers as well and “I’m not having THOSE ugly things in MY house” [which he pays for].

So he’s getting a long weekend somewhere she likes instead…

ALL the Fail.

ALL of it.


LOL, a Shakespearian tragedy.