Turntable suggestions

Reloop Turn 5

@stu and I are currently running one each and it’s a great no-nonsense deck. New about £645 but Stu iirc snagged his for a bargain price on ebay.


What did the @browellm mate end up getting?

Hi All, I recently purchased the Denon DP3000NE, I wanted a return to DD and I am very happy.
Ticks all the boxes at my spend level and I like the looks.
Was sad to read about ChelseaDave, I enjoyed his posts here.


This is on my list as well :+1:

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I was going to import a Japanese vintage DD
P10 or a Yamaha GT2000, then Denon did this. I’ve loved technics for decades, used the 1200 as a DJ and then went audiotwat and had some great belt drives. Now back with DD and as said, happy. It’s a great player. Rock solid drive with a great balance to the sound.


It’s a lovely looking thing.

It ticks all the boxes for me so I’ll just need to wait and see if I can scrape the funds together.

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Lovely looking TT. Just can’t beat the Denon DD’s :grinning:

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