Uber fucked, super mayor

Mr Khan did a great thing today, let’s hope the appeal court don’t act like cunts and overturn his decision
What does the London Uber ban mean? - BBC News

Ubers response is that London is against new ideas. It does not deal with any of the grounds on which their licence will be revoked which, if untrue, would have been easy to answer.
When in the wrong muddy the waters as much as possible springs to mind.

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They will appeal and then comply, they can’t afford to lose London, it’s a feather in their cap.

Oh, and it earns then a shit ton of money.

Their customers love them and their CEO is confrontational. They will be hard to knock back.


They don’t have a strong case for appealing, so unless the judges bottle it they’re gone.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in their boardroom at the moment. The tech news has almost daily stories about senior board members leaving for one reason or another. They look to be in an unholy mess, although I haven’t looked at their financials.

Although they were already banned in Florence, London is obviously a whole other story. I wonder if this will give other marquee citites the guts to do something similar.

One way or another something will have to give, it seems.

I understand that their business was sinking in Venice too.



Uber, like RyanAir, has had poor leadership and a toxic culture. Those things will not be fixed overnight so it seems serious for their future, especially as they make no money and are dependent on investors who may take fright. Other similar businesses can step into their place and will do so if Uber goes. They’re main advantage is the brand name and financial backing.

It used to be a good service but recently I’ve experienced more and more issues using their ‘service’ - drivers who decide they don’t fancy picking you up so cancel you on the app, for example.

They’re big enough and ugly enough to accept normal regulation just like every other business. Transforming their culture however is going to be a massive task and I wouldn’t recommend investing in them.

This will be the only thing that can kill them. At present they are pretty much a monopoly - you can behave pretty badly if you are the only show in town (look at eBay, for crying out loud). Competing with an established monopoly is famously difficult. It will either require effective intervention by the authorities or the appearance of someone with very deep pockets who’s prepared to take them on. I certainly won’t be betting against them.


The accusations of public safety against London Uber are serious and I trust the Court of Appeal will properly scrutinise the evidence. I don’t trust TfL to have been objective in their decision with organisations representing black cab drivers quite probably leaning on them.

It’ll all be fucking robot cabbies in the near future, anyway.


Yep, like that. The minute Fulham FC is mentioned.

They’re already moving in

It seems mytaxi is cutting fares by 50% to undercut Uber http://uk.businessinsider.com/mytaxi-has-just-dropped-its-prices-by-50-after-tfl-took-ubers-licence-2017-9. Or maybe it’s 30% https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/uber-alternatives-in-london-from-gett-and-kabbee-to-mytaxi-the-apps-you-can-use-after-shock-tfl-ban-a3641376.html. In any case it seems it’s only until the end of September. That sounds like it will go down well with customers used to Uber’s rates.


The Black cabs will have their monopoly back. And there old crooked practices. Shame.

What price a living wage?

This. Combined with their greyball system to avoid regulators, and their inadequate protection for vulnerable customers.

The world needs a better system for summoning cabs, it’s just that Uber isn’t it.

Yes we need a better Uber and we’ll get one, you can’t stop ideas