Unpopular opinions

Miles Davis is fucking shit.

Power cables are important and can really make a difference.

Germans are considerably better-educated, very substantially more cultured, and more civilised than British people.

Your children are in fact mediocre. At best.

Soccer is crass, vulgar, ugly and vile - a putrid, festering, amoral swamp of corruption, fraud, cheating and vile behaviour by everyone involved at every level.

Tattoos, weird facial hair, piercings & gauges, odd-coloured hair, etc. all signal slavish adherence to herd-conformity.

Your go.


HiFi dealers are all marvelous well-rounded people, despite their clientele.

Astras are shit.

The 'Wam is where it is at.

Prog is the future.

Theresa May - phooowarrrrr

NVA all the way.

Foreign holidays are over-rated. A week in Southport in a B&B that smells like death is far better.

We like both types of music, Country and Western.

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Thanks for reminding me:

Oasis are actually fucking excellent, unless you’re a bit simple in the head.

Flute music - ditto.


Mazda RX-8’s are practical, economical family transport :+1:


Opera is prog rock for posh people.


Nan, come in Nan…

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There is some merit in the works of Sibelius and they don’t get played nearly often enough on Radio 3.

Watching handegg in any of its forms is the best use we can make of the very little time that we have on this earth.

Every social, political and economic problem could be solved quickly and straightforwardly if only the right person was put in charge.

People who don’t employ a professional to maintain their car/paint, decorate and build on their property/fill in their tax returns only have themselves to blame for the consequences. People who do employ a professional to cook their fish supper/curry dinner/all day breakfast only have themselves to blame for the consequences.

The differences between men and women are just tiny details.



Ain’t that the truth, brother…

Also: pineapple is GREAT on pizza :ok_hand:

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I suspect a modicum of insincerity may be tainting this otherwise excellent post… :thinking:


Trump is a genius, and just the man to sort out the world’s problems.

Shakti stones are essential unless you want your hifi to sound shit.

Golf courses enhance the beauty of the countryside.

Volvos are good

PT TTs are crap

Cats rule the world

Using bad speling and grammar means your great.


Sky TV is a luxury, not a utility.

BHB cables are overpriced tat.

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Eating yourself to death is nothing to be proud of.

Alcohol and drugs don’t work.

Vinyl is a fad, and overrated - CDs are much betterer.

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Democracy is shit, it results in idiots having more say than clever people, as there are more of them.

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Female armpit hair is arousing

Volvos are shit.

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