Unpopular opinions

Volvos have adjustable seats.


Bruce is a managerial genius

The current ‘transformation’ at work is a good thing and will benefit all people especially the ones who will no longer be able to work here thereby allowing them to develop themselves and further their careers and ambitions in other employment areas.

Brexit will be the saviour of our green and sceptic isle allowing us to take centre stage in the world once again.

Tony Blair was right to go to war despite what the majority thought at the time

Grown up parents can be woefully more immature than your step children.

You sound like a fucking lightweight :girl:

Liverpool prison is the only one doing its job properly. It’s a prison, it’s supposed to be dangerous and unpleasant.

The death sentence should be reinstated.

Human life is not precious - it’s the exact opposite. We’re basically a virus with shoes.

Please, a virus with very good shoes


Jeremy Hunt is an inspirational leader doing a first rate job as Health minister.

David Davis is a genius and has Michel Barnier right where he wants him. We’re going to have a brilliant Brexit and make a tremendous success of it.

God is great.

The integrity of this thread is questionable.

Is its purpose to show genuinely unpopular opionions that one holds as true? Or to make them up for reasons?


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I thought so. Fanks

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You seem to be in a minority of the cerebrally-functional, as usual…

I quite like Oasis as well.


You were being serious about Oasis and…flutes?

Life is meaningless, and then you die. Soon you will be forgotten, because you simply weren’t really that interesting.

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The right to breed should be means tested.


There are no absolute rules by which we can live our lives (including this one). Everything is contingent.


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Love Saves The Day

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Fuses reveal something that wasn’t there before

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I really struggle to listen to more than 1 track of the cure


I also like Oasis.

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