Unpopular opinions


and shoes.


and jacket


and girlfriend.


Good quality D handled spades though.


And hair


Socks look ok though.



They aren’t his.


Is this what you’re trying to say?

On Whiley’s presenting style, Times columnist Caitlin Moran has stated "her on-screen style that seems to inspire the main rage – a decades-long, squirming awkwardness that makes her look as if she’s about to corkscrew right off her chair and start drilling into the ground. This awkwardness extends into her conversational rhythm, which is angular – possibly free-jazz in origin


That’s too generous. Her and Steve Gollum Lamacq, utter pair of twats.


This - she is Just Not Very Good At Her Job!


Music doesn’t come betterer than a whiny girl with a guitar.

The Tories are a caring sharing party of the masses (that is a joke for the people with no sense of humour).

Men should shave their legs to have empathy with their better halves.

People never think of somebody else when fucking the partner.




I sometimes think of you.



That is strange, as I don’t think of you. :scream:


That’s stout-hearted stuff: there’s a fine line between holding the edge and bonorkill… :open_mouth:


Bob in Cissy pants giving me a cheeky, yet slightly innocent look from behind. Keeps me going as long as Sting and his tantric nonsense.





Rob Halford. :thinking: